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You might be able to improve the preaching in your parish and change a priest’s life. Wherein Fr. Z suggests.

Sometimes I muse on the truly horrible formation we seminarians in the 80’s received in Sacred Scripture.  I broke through that deficit with my knowledge of classical languages and studying Patristic Theology at the best place to do so in … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 643 & inspirational video

This might not have been recorded in Rome, but this is as Roman as it gets. I can see them rotating roles, each taking a turn. Think of the love of the parents for these boys.  Those are mighty fine … Read More


ASK FATHER: Am I cooperating with evil in my job by changing generic “he” on forms to gender neutral terms?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: My job with a state agency includes reviewing proposed regulations of other state agencies. For many years, when we did this task we would change old references to the generic “he” or “him“ to “he or … Read More

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