The Exorcist Files. Podcasts about real cases.

A good friend of mine, Fr. Carlos Martins, has two main ministries. Firstly, he travels around the country with a magnificent presentation with and about relics. More about this can be found at Treasures of the Church.

Fr. Martins has also worked as an exorcist. In this capacity he was approached to make a series of podcasts about cases of exorcism that he was involved with. The episodes are being released gradually, but two are available now. I’ve heard them.

The page is The Exorcist Files: HERE  Do Father a favor and subscribe.  It will help his ministry financially.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and GooglePodcasts.

Cases requiring exorcism are on the rise.  The entertainment industry is making weird and evil things that can seduce people in a bad direction.  Catechesis is necessary.  Alas, very few priests and bishops know enough about this subject to speak teach about.  Nevertheless, catechesis is necessary.

This series with Fr. Martins seems to be a concrete contribution toward this important exigency.

A few notes. Exorcism and anything having to do with the Enemy is potentially dangerous.  Inordinate interest in these things is potentially hazardous.

The podcasts are a touch “sensational”. They have very high production quality and the voice actors are excellent. They will draw you in.

Father’s work has backing from the Holy See.

Here’s more.

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  1. Gregg the Obscure says:

    High recommendation for Treasures of the Church. I had the opportunity to see it in July 2021, about three weeks before my wife passed away. Would like to see again now that my life is more or less developing a new normal.

    Also looking forward to these Exorcist files, but think they’re probably better for listening in the morning rather than later in the day.

  2. Fallibilissimo says:

    I’d like to watch it but in due time, given the weighty subject matter.

    I met Fr Martins quite a few years ago when he came to Italy for a St Maria Goretti tour. I ended up having to translate his speech to a live audience (my language skills a little rusty back then). What a joy it was to meet him and he left quite an impact on the parish. His conversion story alone was captivating. I’ll never forget it, along with that summer evening!

    I’m sure Fr Martins will mention it, but for some reason several priests have told me how exorcists report a special and acute hatred for Marietta (St Goretti) from demons. There’s something about the humility of holy girls and women which is toxic to them and the young pure virgin saint/martyr is no exception. I think it’s a deep anthropological mystery. Saint Maria Goretti, protect us and pray for us sinners.

    There’s something else a priest I know well says that always occurs at every conference he’s held on St Mary Goretti, but it’s a little controversial. I’ll just say, some people who come to these meetings react angrily to the recounting of the virtuous acts of St Maria Goretti in her last moments with her aggressor, Alessandro Serenelli. I think some of that could be misunderstandings, but I doubt it accounts for all negative reactions.

  3. excalibur says:

    Nancy Pelosi’s daughter alleges her mother had an exorcism done in the house where Paul was attacked. The Archdiocese of San Francisco says they are unaware of that happening. I believe an exorcism of a place does not require the permission of the local Bishop.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    We attended the tour of the relics of St. Maria Goretti, and we asked her to be a special guardian for ill loved ones. She is a powerful intercessor. We really enjoyed the experience of attending the tour, venerating the relics, and hearing Fr. Martins talk. Highly recommend.
    The podcast sounds interesting and unnerving. As a teen I remember when the Exorcist came out. We were blown away by it. I don’t think I ever saw the whole thing. But such things can be evangelization tools as well. It is a negative, powerful evidence for the supernatural. I don’t know how anyone could deny God’s existence after hearing these accounts. And demons are cast out by priests, they don’t respond to others. It’s stunning a priest could ever forget the singular status of his priesthood, or drift away from the true faith.
    Gregg the Obscure, I’m so sorry for your loss. God rest her soul and God bless you.

  5. majuscule says:

    I am trying to listen to the first podcast.

    On Spotify (which was the only place I could easily find it) the podcast is interspersed with commercials which seem to be part of the story until you realize they are an ad for a different podcast. The one I kept hearing involved some guy who has a husband and maybe gives advice…? It was extremely confusing for me.

    I listen to many many podcasts but not on Spotify, so this was an unfamiliar occurrence and quite disturbing for me as a Catholic who thinks she is listening to a Catholic podcast.

    I hope to find another platform with no (or at least different!) ads…

  6. Not says:

    A friend lent me Fr. Malachi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil, which I found to be a textbook on exorcisms. Before I read the book I told Fr. Martin that I was a little afraid to read it. He said to me, Say the St. Michael prayer every time you go to read the book. I did, and had no problems. I learned that being out of a State of Grace is the most simple form of possession. Sadly, most of the world is in that state. As you always say Fr. Z..Go to Confession.

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  8. beelady says:

    I heard Fr. Martin’s talk and saw his “Treasures of the Church” exhibit last Fall.
    He spoke about being open to a Saint calling you to a devotion to them. He mentioned that sometimes saints communicate via a smell.
    I had an experience where I could smell a very strong scent next to a relic and the table was by an open door and no one else could smell it.
    Would Fr. Z or someone else provide me with more information on this? Can I trust that the smell was actually a Saint communicating with me?

  9. aviva meriam says:

    Wait: are they planning on releasing the next episode?

  10. jdt2 says:

    I’m late in commenting, but for the benefit of Father’s readers now coming across this post, let me please share: I found the first 3 episodes (a story and a half) to be very disturbing, upsetting my dreams for a week. During the day, I found myself unusually distracted, and way too preoccupied on the topic. I didnt improve until ubsubscribing from the podcast and filling my mind with information on Angels (Father Ripperger’s YouTube video on the Choir of Angel’s did the trick). Obviously this deals with the most important of subjects, but indeed not for every layperson.

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