Pig hearts over altars in Austria, pagan Mayan Mass rite in Mexico, but people who want the Traditional Latin Mass must be ghettoized and railroaded to oblivion.

I’m not making this up.

Bishop Hermann Glettler of the Diocese of Innsbruck installed the so-called ‘lenten cloth’ in the 18th century Innsbrucker Spitalskirche. The giant cloth bears a photo of a a pig’s heart. Over the altar. HERE

I’m not making this up.

A 31-page long document outlining the proposed new Mayan rite highlights the institution of lay leadership during Mass and ‘the relationship with sister mother earth,’ including prayers to the four directions of the earth. If you guessed that this new rite with “indigenous adaptations” might contain pagan elements, you’d be right. HERE

But the people who desire the Traditional Latin Mass must be placed in ecclesial ghettos and eventually “railroaded” to oblivion.

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  1. Gaetano says:

    Even worse, it’s not just a pig heart.
    It’s a pig heart half-covered by a condom.

    The point of such art is to plant the flag of post-modernity in our churches & de-legitimize traditional worship.

  2. Steve L. says:

    Regarding prayers to the four directions of the earth, might there something analogous in the liturgies of the East?

    E.g. Bishop’s blessing at the beginning of the Byzantine Liturgy

  3. BeatifyStickler says:

    How rotten is the mind of this Bishop. Truly sick. It’s like it’s a tapestry that belongs at a heavy metal concert that dabbles in the demonic for “shock” factor. Beyond disgusting.

    Like most things in the Church nowadays it’s pretty gay.

    Honestly, what a disgusting creep.

  4. Midwest St. Michael says:

    Anthony Stein, over at Return to Tradition, gives some details on these events as well, Fr. Z. (hope you don’t mind the link)


  5. Nathanael says:

    I prefer the Mesoamerican Rite, where Conquistadors are so horrified by the massive-scale human sacrifice based idolatry that they raze skull-filled tzompantli to the ground, build cathedrals on top of the ruins, and all of Mexico turns Catholic.

  6. redneckpride4ever says:

    I’ve heard of the crisis in the Church, bit I had no clue the sheer insanity.

  7. ajf1984 says:

    Piggybacking (see what I did there?) on Nathanael’s point, I am always surprised when left-of-center people talk about the Christianization of the New World as though it’s some self-evident horrible thing. My reaction is always, “Was it really bad for these priests to root out demon worship and human sacrifice?” Granted, there were offenses committed, but they were on both sides of the equation. And I still think having fewer people murdered to honor/placate demonic ‘gods’ is a net gain for all of humanity–not to mention the Almighty Himself!

  8. makreitzer says:

    How many of these evil bishops are active homosexuals? Paglia’s mosaic with naked homosexuals including himself, all of the bishops cheering on gender fluidity, approving of same sex unions and blessings? And then throw in whoever approved the papal audience hall with all the serpentine features. Truly the smoke of Satan hasn’t just snuck in through a few crevices; it is suffocating the faith in many places. I would not want to attend a papal audience in that room. The sculpture of Jesus even presents him with a serpent’s head. And now I’ve read of a new “game” that is a ouija board with a Catholic gloss. Satan seems to be on the high road. Fr. Ripperger recommends praying the angelus three times a day to protect your family and foster devotion to the seven sorrows of Mary. We need all the protection we can get.

  9. Not says:

    I am at loss for words.

  10. Gab says:

    What kind of twisted mind thinks that horrid banner to be ”art”, let alone think it appropriate to hang in a Catholic church?

  11. CasaSanBruno says:


    There is a Mayan god for each direction of NSEW and, as we know from Ps 95:5, all the gods of the gentiles are demons.

  12. V_Podsnap says:

    The smoke of Satan…

  13. MaterDeicolumbae says:

    Half of my ancestors came from Spain and the other half, Mexico.
    The Spaniards in my family tree converted my native ancestors to Catholicism and here I stand centuries later.
    Exposing Mexico’s Catholics to this Latin version of the Black Mass will be catastrophic to the faithful.
    So many of them are poorly catechized- many blend pagan practices and superstitious beliefs into their Catholic faith out of ignorance of the Faith.
    My paternal grandmother was one of them- fortunately my father did not believe in her superstitions.
    There is a great risk that these unfortunate souls will be misled by the unfaithful, heretical clergy and stray from Holy Mother Church thereby endangering the life of their souls for all eternity.
    Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us.
    Our Lady of the Americas, pray for us.
    St. Juan Diego, pray for us.
    Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J., pray for us.
    The 25 martyrs of the Cristero War (the majority were Catholic priests, killed for defying the oppressive government and continued to carry out their ministry), pray for us.

  14. iamlucky13 says:

    The pig heart image really had me scratching my head.

    While the Mayan liturgy is also concerning, I at least can comprehend that people with attachment with Mayan cultural practices might want to integrate them into the Catholic liturgy, in ways that could be either consistent or inconsistent with Catholic teaching. All I want to say for now on that topic is it seems to me those proposals should be evaluated for their consistency with Catholic teaching, the documents of Vatican II (“whatever smacks of mythology or ill accords with Christian piety is to be removed or changed.” ~Sacrosanctum Concilium 93), and other relevant works since then, including Traditiones Custodes, which of course, emphasizes fidelity to the liturgical books. Vatican II does allow some adaptation of the liturgy, with consent from Rome, “provided that the substantial unity of the Roman rite is preserved” (SC 38).

    But the pig heart really seems random. Even overlooking the bishop’s peculiar understanding of what Vatican II instructed us about sacred art, how is this even a “dialogue with contemporary art?” as he is quoted as saying.

    I tried to search for more information just to understand why the bishop seems downright upset that people don’t like it, and considers the complaints “manipulative and inflammatory.” I found on the diocesan website a letter describing the image, which although in German, I was able to read approximately with the help of an online translator.

    That document describes it as tied with a rubber band, not a condom. Whichever may be the case, supposedly it is easy to understand. This is one paragraph of the 2 page description:

    “The symbolism of the constricted heart is easy to understand. Fear has an important warning function in our lives, but it also narrows the heart space. Fear takes freedom. The overwhelming picture of the heart addresses afflictions and existential crises – also diverse dependencies and impairments of real freedom. But how is it possible to overcome the dramatic constriction of the heart? How is it possible to regain freedom of heart?”

    Ok. With some prompting I admit I see the simplistic metaphor intended (and perhaps some other insinuations). So spend the hour or two getting the lighting and pose just right to snap your photograph, and publish it with the 2 page essay in the parish newsletter. Don’t make it the overwhelming focal point of the whole church, dominating the sanctuary, drawing the eye away from the altar and tabernacle, and hiding the large painting of Pentacost an artist invested a significant amount of time and effort on. And don’t conflate simplistic metaphors with noble simplicity.

  15. TonyB says:

    Hey Fr. Z

    I’d like to hear your opinion on the first article: Re the parishioners seeking legal action for disparagement of religious beliefs, which I hold to be an unsupportable legal injunction in light of Christian teaching.

    As well, I find such legal action in opposition to St. Paul’s injunction in 1 Cor. 6:1-10

    I look forward to reading your response.

  16. JonPatrick says:

    As one commentator said (I think it was Glenn Beck referring to the US Government) for the Church we need to shut down, reset to factory settings and reboot.

  17. IaninEngland says:

    Hmm, if it’s a *pig’s* heart, doesn’t that make this an antisemitic / anti-muslim act?

  18. Remember the 70s and 80s when tie-dyed vestments and burlap banners (we half filled a 20 cu/yd skip with them when cleaning out St. Anne Shrine) were the assault on our sensibilities? Seems like that was just a warm up for the stupidity being foisted on us today. 2020s Progressive Churchman to a retiring 1970s Cardinal: “Hold my beer.”

    Pagan demonic rituals integrated with the Mass in MX…German synod giving the Vatican a figurative flip off…the “Francis” effect driving vocations to the ordained state even further down than they were even 10 years ago. Meanwhile, traditionalists holding fast to the true faith are the enemy (but, I guess from the viewpoint of those who are working to fundamentally transform Catholicism to conform to the world, we are the enemy to be crushed since we illuminate the lies they spread for what they are).

    Just like when the Rhine flowed into the Tiber in the 60s…if you think the currents that seem to have no traction for normal people will not eventually come to pass…like drips of water on a rock…they’ll keep coming back. The forces of evil play the long game…and you can get people used to what would have been abhorrent by them incrementally moving the needle while we’re busy fighting tactical shifts from the other side.

    And they know it. So should we.

  19. Jacques says:

    The prophecies of Sister Lucia of Fatima one century ago have been fulfilled :
    “DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION” in the Catholic Church.
    And: “The Great Apostasy will begin at the top” (true content of the 3rd Secret as revealed by Cdl Ciappi)

  20. Danteewoo says:

    Invite the Jews in for a pig’s heart ceremony.

  21. Robbie says:

    Many in the hierarchy of the Church have lost the faith. Until this generation of leadership is no longer in charge, the Church will continue to suffer. The only question is how much of the Church is left to be saved in a decade or two.

  22. Cornelius says:

    The Church is going through her passion now, following her Master. We haven’t reached the crucifixion yet, but we’re getting awfully close.

    Perhaps her crucifixion moment occurs when the world gloats and says, “the Catholic Church is finally dead, completely made over now in our image!” I suspect the German Bishops are leading the way, the modern equivalent of the men who drove the nails.

    I’m getting a glimpse of how the Apostles felt as our Lord was led to Golgotha. . . .

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