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Voting for the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards

Nominations for the 2008 Catholic Blog Awards has now ended. Voting will begin at Noon CST on Monday, March 4, 2008. It will be great to see who was nominated this year!  

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A couple articles on China’s “one child policy”

Here are a couple links to stories about China’s "one child policy".  I think you’ll find them… interesting… as the run-up to the Olympics races forward. First, read through this piece from John Smeaton, director of the The Society for … Continue reading

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Card. Bertone confirms: Pope Benedict’s 3rd encyclical on social themes

The Italian Il Giornale di Brescia has an article about the Holy Father’s upcoming 3rd encyclical.  Biretta tip to Papa Ratzinger Blog  o{]:¬) The bullet points: Card. Bertone has confirmed that the encyclical will deal with "social" themes. The Pope … Continue reading

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Chaldean Archbishop Kidnapped in Northern Iraq

From Fox News: Chaldean Archbishop Kidnapped in Northern Iraq Friday , February 29, 2008 AP BAGHDAD —  Gunmen on Friday kidnapped Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police and the church said. The … Continue reading

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29 Feb: Roman Martyrology

Here are shots of the pages from the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum concerning 29 February and Leap Year. You can click these for large images.   You will have noticed the word The word bissextus.  The mighty Lewis & Short says … Continue reading

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What Does the Baptismal Form Really Say?

I was rooting around over at In the Light of the Law and found an interesting bit of information. The CDF has issued a response to questions about the use of the proper form for conferring the all important sacrament … Continue reading

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More Sabine Snow

There is a lot of snow here at the Sabine Farm right now. It is getting pretty deep in places, especially for the hungry birds.   Sabine Snow Removal requires more than a shovel.    The chickadees don’t seem overly … Continue reading

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29 Feb: Happy (?) Birthday…. Consilium

As John Sonnen reports at his place, today is the birthday of of Pope Paul III, born in 1468. That would make him, and other people born on leap year day, "Leaplings". It is also the birth of the infamous … Continue reading

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Over at Rorate there is a very interesting entry about chasubles through history.  I think you will find it instructive. Here is a sample: Note well: the "taglio filipino" 

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PRAYERCAzT 19: 4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare – 1962 Missale Romanum)

Welcome to another installment of What Does the Prayer Really Sound Like?  Today we will hear the prayers for the 4th Sunday of Lent (Laetare) in the 1962 Missale Romanum.  I speak all the prayers and readings and also sing … Continue reading

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Portland, Maine: Bp. Malone implements Summorum Pontificum

  I received the following by e-mail.  There is some news about the implementation of Summorum Pontificum at the Cathedral of Portland, Maine. Let us have a glance with my emphases and comments. February 24, 2008 Dear Friends of the … Continue reading

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Request from Fr. Z to bloggers

All you bloggers out there. I recently had to correct my permalink settings. If you have linked to specific entries on this blog in the last couple days, would you kindly check to make sure those links are working? Thanks! … Continue reading

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Disaster on the horizon for Vatican finances?

Okay, that title is a little provocative.   But…. but… Here is a story from Hemscott Alitalia president named as Vatican’s international financial controller ROME (Thomson Financial) – Alitalia president Maurizio Prato has been named as the Vatican’s international financial controller … Continue reading

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New Bishop for Lansing, MI: H.E. Earl Boyea

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Earl Boyea as the fifth bishop of the 10-county Catholic Diocese of Lansing. Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Bishop Carl F. Mengeling. You should know that Bishop Boyea is … Continue reading

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Possible upcoming Rome pilgrimage with Fr. Z – feedback needed

Folks, I was recently contacted by a rather high profile Catholic figure who suggested I might be of some use on a Rome pilgrimage. I just thought I would float this past some of your readers. There are no fixed … Continue reading

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