All of a sudden, the cassock decided it wanted to leave. 

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31 Responses to Caption

  1. “teacher told me that every time a bell rings, a pope gets his wings!”

  2. RichR says:

    Ah, the wonderful things you can do to a vestment with starch.

  3. magdalen says:

    Yes, the breath of the Holy Spirit is blowing ever more strongly about
    this Holy Pope!

  4. Carolina Geo says:

    Your left eye is fine. Now cover your right eye and read the top line of the chart.

  5. J Basil Damukaitis says:

    “Zypher Winds that blow on high, lift me now so I may fly!!!!!”

  6. Guy Power says:

    “The Flying Pope” preparing for takeoff. He is at the “HOLD” line waiting for “The Flying Nun” to land.


    PS — Is it just my computer? All WDTPRS font is in red today.

  7. Will says:

    I’m appalled Fr. Z. That’s a simar, not a cassock!

  8. TNCath says:

    “Oh, no! Now I know how Sister Bertrille felt!”

  9. Patrick says:

    I don’t mean this to be disrespectful in the least. If it is, please delete it and accept my apology.

    “In the middle of another long and boring meeting, the Holy Father decided to lighten the mood by doing his famous Marilyn Monroe imitation.”

  10. Tim Ferguson says:

    See! I haven’t shut any of the windows John XXIII opened!

  11. Jeff Pinyan says:

    The Holy Father’s vestments come complete with defensive measures to soften impact.

  12. Vincenzo says:

    Fr. Z wrote:

    “All of a sudden, the cassock decided it wanted to leave.”

  13. MG says:

    Oh, Georg! Where are you??

  14. Tom Seeker says:

    The flying nun has nothing on the Holy Father!

  15. “Benedict XVI reveals his spitting velocoraptor technique.”

  16. Sorry, it should read:

    “The Holy Father reveals his spitting Dilophosaurus technique.”

  17. John Enright says:

    Darn. Too much starch AGAIN!

  18. Jeff says:

    WOW! Even his apparel will wipe the persperation from his forehead. Who is this that even his clothes obey him?

  19. Latter-day Guy says:

    @ Patrick,

    That was awesome. Honestly, you have just made my day.

  20. elizabeth mckernan says:

    ‘Help – I think I’m being attacked by a giant manta ray!’

  21. Scott Smith says:

    Simar says, “See, I’ve even got over sleeves like back in the good ol’ days.”

  22. Zach says:

    “Man, I knew those american bishops were full of hot air, but this is crazy!”

  23. Marty says:

    Those beans were terrible.

  24. RC says:

    The master of ceremonies arranged a simple but effective diversion to keep the Holy Father from seeing the spandex-clad dancers.

  25. ben whitworth says:

    This static electricity is such a nuisance.

  26. Le Renard says:


  27. Andrew says:

    “Western wind, when will thou blow
    The small rain down can rain?
    Christ, if my [L]ove were in my arms
    And I in my bed again!”

  28. Andrew says:

    “Western wind, when will thou blow
    The small rain down can rain?
    Christ, if my [L]ove were in my arms
    And I in my bed again!”

  29. Ron says:

    “Tell me when this Novus Ordo is over. I can’t bear to watch.”

    Just kidding (kind of) :)

    Pax Christi tecum.