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The Holy Father’s address to young people – updates coming

I simply have to absorb this for a while. What an amazing address. Simply astonishing. Little by little I am adding comments.  I am skipping around a bit and adding and editing, so come back and recheck this with me. … Read More

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A movie break

I took time out from watching the Holy Father’s coverage today to take in a movie.   I went to Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Lee. There were many aspects of the film that were predictable, because the film … Read More

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TLM at the NAC in Rome: “Coolest Mass I ever saw!”

Here is a follow up to what I postede the other day via John Sonnen’s fine Orbis Catholicus: I guess the sixties are ending? And of course there’s always good news coming from Rome! Today at Rome’s Pontifical North American … Read More

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Music lineup for Mass at Yankee Stadium

Here is the music line up for the Mass at Yankee Stadium:  Symphony No. 9 in D minor – Ludwig van BeethovenI. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestosoII. Molto vivace Entrance of the Holy FatherHymnus Pontificius – Charles Gounod, … Read More

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What the Holy Father said at the end of Mass at St. Patrick’s

This is superb. “At this moment I can only thank you for your love of the Church and Our Lord, and for the love which you show to the poor Successor of Saint Peter. I will try to do all … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s sermon at St. Patrick’s in NYC

Here is the text of the Holy Father’s sermon from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.  My emphases and comments: Keep in mind that the readings for this Mass will be from the Mass of Pentecost, a theme similar … Read More

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Pope at St. Patrick’s – initial reactions

I am struck by the incredible difference in attitude and atmosphere as preparation for this Mass continues. I will post the Holy Father’s sermon as soon as he finishes delivering it.  Click HERE. [uc] The pipe organ works wonders, no? … Read More

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Anniversary of Election of Benedict XVI

It is sometimes possible to remember precisely where you were and what you were doing when historic events took place. People often cite examples like where they were when they heard that JFK was shot, or when Neil Armstrong stepped … Read More

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Religious bigot Bill Maher on Pope Benedict XVI

Bill Maher is tasteless and not very funny.  A bad combination for an aspiring comedian. He is also a bigot. If you don’t want to watch this, taking his page from the nasty business with that Mormon cult in Texas … Read More

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