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And so it begins On TBS: MIN @ CWS

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VIDEO: A CEO whose income is ZERO: Lasermonks on MSNBC

I got this note: I’ve been a long-time reader and occasional commenter on your blog.  Keep up the good work! For the last six weeks, I’ve been trying my vocation at the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank in … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The Papacy of Reason: Inside the Mind of Benedict XVI

I am watching the DVD I was given in Rome, The Papacy of Reason: Inside the Mind of Benedict XVI.  Since I was in this documentary, I was given a copy.  It is really quite well made!  If you haven’t … Continue reading

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1571 Battle of Lepanto: in 4 hours 40,000 dead

There is a fascinating story in the Catholic Herald which you should all be looking at. Fighting for Christendom with oranges and lemons The Battle of Lepanto ended with scenes of surreal horror, discovers John Hinton 26 September 2008 A … Continue reading

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Where is St. Jerome’s body?

I posted this last year, but I put so much work into it that it deserves recycling on this feast of St. Jerome. Some time ago, there was a discussion on one of our splendid Catholic blogs making mention of … Continue reading

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Priests! Be not afraid! – A priest says his first TLM

I am speaking right now with a priest via skype who has just said his first TLM. Some quotes: "The more priests who start saying the older form of the Mass, other priests will find the courage to do so … Continue reading

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Sacramento: Bp. Soto speaks truth in charity to homosexual group

I am happy to report that more and more bishops are being bishops… and publicly too! Give this a few moments of your time, from California Catholic. My emphases and comments. “At least five members of the audience walked out” … Continue reading

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Sabine Report: black pots, changing leaves, and ancient recipes

In an another entry I quoted a Latin phrase which sparked some additional conversation.  This is a good opportunity to reenter the Sabine flow of things on WDTPRS, for I am indeed back at the Sabine Farm. I quoted: Vae … Continue reading

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Vancouver: Extraordinary form of Mass alive and well

In the BC Catholic, weekly of the Archdiocese of Vancouver we find the following. My emphases and comments. Extraordinary form of Mass alive and well By Cleveland V. Stordy Pope Benedict XVI has been encouraging the offering of the Mass … Continue reading

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Avvenire: Archbp. Burke on Summorum Pontificum

Archbishop Raymond Burke is living up to his middle name: Leo. In the daily of the Italian Bishops Conference, Avvenire, His Excellency the Prefect of the Signatura spoke with candor on many issues, including the situation of pro-abortion Catholic politicians … Continue reading

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Archbp. Burke on Democrat Party: risks becoming “party of death”

When His Excellency Most Rev. Raymond Burke was moved from being Archbishop of St. Louis to Rome as the new Prefect of the Apostolic Segnatura, many people asked me if this was an example of promoveatur ut ammoveatur, that he … Continue reading

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The Apostolic Pardon – Fathers, do you know it?

My recent posting about the question on administration of the sacrament of anointing led to some interesting comments.  Someone mentioned the Apostolic Pardon, or Apostolic Benediction. It is critically important that you – as a person who is going to … Continue reading

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“I didn’t know you were Catholic.”

I was just talking to a friend who told me about a very curious thing which Speaker Pelosi (of Meet The Press gaf fame) said to Sec. Paulson.  This is in a New York Times story: Paulson Begs The New … Continue reading

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Meeting on “miracle” attributed to Card. Newman?

I found this on Catholic Culture: Beatification of Cardinal Newman: decision tomorrow?September 29, 2008 A Vatican panel examining the healing of a Massachusetts man will meet tomorrow to rule on whether the cure, attributed the intercession of Cardinal John Henry … Continue reading

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Puzzled: Why is Fordham Univ giving an award to Justice Breyer?

Now that I am back home, I am catching up on news and mail. I was aware during my recent travels that Fordham University was planning on giving an award to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.  The prize is the … Continue reading

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