The Feeder Feed: variety edition

I haven’t been much inclined to post about the feeder these days, but figured it was about time to share a view or two.

You’ve seen Ray before.  He sees you, too.  Being so very visible he is as wary as a bird gets.

Though it is a little hard to make out, there is tremendous variety.

In this shot there is a male Cardinal, a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak, a Re-Bellied Woodpecker, 2 male American Gold Finches, and a Purple Finch.

Here is a close up of Mr. Cardinal, “Ray”, and the Grosbeak.

And some variety follows.

Remember “Moses“?

A wet, miserable Oriole.

A very young Oriole having a feather change.

Cat Bird.  They actually meow.

And then I saw that they also have whiskers.

Just sitting there being colorful.

So… lots of variety.

And they are eating because you have given donations.


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3 Responses to The Feeder Feed: variety edition

  1. s i says:

    Whiskers! Amazing!
    and here you can listen to their song, and the MEOW sound!
    We have Catbirds, and some of them sound like they’re saying “MARY!”

  2. I like the Feeder Feeds. They are both entertaining and educational.

    Happy Father’s Day!

  3. wanda says:

    Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures. It’s so good to see Moses, again. He was on hand last
    season, I believe, or is he a year roound resident? The Catbird is cool, I had no idea they have whiskers! Love the Orioles, too. Mr. Bunting certainly dazzles. I’ve noticed that the Cardinals are very shy, or just very wary. Really gorgeous birdz!