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Pentecost Sermon, reposted.

As some people are telling me, apparently that second audio file I posted, along with some excerpts of the Pentecost Mass at Assumption Grotto in Detroit, didn’t show up on the iTunes feed. I repost it here.  Sorry about that.

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Putting things into perspective

From xkcd.

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QUAERITUR: Lack of support shown to a convert.

From a reader: I joined the Church at this year’s Easter Vigil and am so glad to be Catholic. My family and most of my friends are very supportive, but there are a couple who are so derisive of my … Read More

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Darning with faint praise?

A priest friend forwarded me a blurb from the Dan Schutte Newsletter. St. Louis Jesuits Honored Jubilate Deo Award Each year since 1996 the National Association of Pastoral Musicians bestows the Jubilate Deo Award on a musician who has made … Read More

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Committed to Catholic teaching or “aspects” of Catholic teaching?

Pat Archbold has a hard hitting piece at his place about the President of Notre-Dame University, which as you remember gave the most aggressively pro-abortion President we have ever seen an honorary law degree. Here is the first part. I … Read More

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Possible threat against Pope Benedict

Apparently some Islamic group said that the Pope would be an “easy target”, and so security has been increased. Security was considerably increased in the Vatican yesterday after direct threats against the Holy Father were made in a recently-released video … Read More

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Any good news for the readers?

Do you have any good news to share?