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Salad: just keep it simple

Put a large bowl on the counter. With a very sharp knife, shave a clove of garlic into the finest slices you can manage. Put them in the bowl. Add good balsamic vinegar. Add about 3 times as much excellent … Read More

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Sr. Fiedler’s summation of the American Catholic Council. Fr. Z agrees.

Fishwrap has a wrap-up, in their own paper, if you get my drift, of the American catholic “Council” held in Detroit over the weekend. The Fishwrap wrap-up is by nun-other than Sr. Maureen Fiedler.  We seen her insights here and … Read More

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McBrien thinks the Pope is … wait for it… wrong about women’s ordination!

Richard McBrien in his column in the National catholic Fishwrap says that the Church’s infallible teaching about the impossibility of the ordination of women isn’t really infallible.  How dare the Pope say that it is? His basic idea is that … Read More

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A liturgical, bliblical treasure hunt

I suppose it is a confluence of factors, including the rhythm of the liturgical year and various factors in life, I found the Introit for today’s Mass, for Pentecost Tuesday, quite moving. Introitus 4 Esdr 2:36 2:37 Accípite iucunditátem glóriæ … Read More

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Deluded wymyn playing dress up

Ultra-liberal, double-standard riddled NPR has a puff piece about women pretending to be priests. From the onset, let’s be clear.  No woman can ever be validly ordained a priest. No what they say or do, they can only ever simulate … Read More

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