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PRAYERCAzT/PODCAzT: Trinity Sunday: singing the whole nine yards

I again inflict my singing on you for most of this project. Quite a while back I started a PRAYERCAzT series, wherein I read and/or sang the prayers and readings for upcoming Sundays and Feasts for the Extraordinary Form.  I … Read More

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About Fr. John Corapi with observations about our times

I haven’t written much about Fr. John Corapi, because I honestly don’t know much about what is going on.  I don’t know the details.   But I am sad to read that he is leaving active ministry.  I am profoundly sad. … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Who is bishop of the Moon?

Under the recent entry about titular sees, the question arose about which bishop would have jurisdiction over the Moon. I think there are conflicting claims.  I heard once that Rome itself had jurisdiction. However, there is another claim. Sometimes it … Read More

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Msgr. Ralph Belluomini – RIP

In your kindness please pray for the repose of the soul of a friend of mine, Msgr. Ralph Belluomini who died recently. He was a priest of the Diocese of Fresno, and, not a young man, he succumbed to cancer.