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Pentecost: some music and a sermon

I was at Assumption Grotto in Detroit for Mass for Pentecost Sunday.  The Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form was intended to be dovetailed into the Call To Holiness Conference, held this weekend… with the blessing of Archbishop Vigneron. Armed … Read More

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More American Catholic Council joy in Detroit! A local TV report.

There was a story on the local news about the American Catholic Council… Council… get it?  Council? Several points in the report were misleading.  For example, there could only be canonical consequences, realistically, for clerics of the Archdiocese of Detroit … Read More

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Life imitates art! The American Catholic Council’s “Litany of Lament”

From the American Catholic Council’s program.  On the opening day they had a moving and meaningful paraliturgy which included the Litany of Lament. Here it is from their program. I add some comments: (When the female lector reads, FROM THE … Read More

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Canadian teens stand up to heresy in their Catholic High School

The other day we learned from Archbishop Hon, the Chinese-born Secretary of Propaganda Fide, that an illicit episcopal consecration was averted, probably because the people stood against it. Here is another example of resistance “from below” properly offered in the … Read More

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