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“Who am I to judge?”, thrown in your face? Fr. Z says, “Don’t let them get away with it!”

Mention the Pope’s interview “on the airplane” and we all know immediately what phrase is going to pop up.  The rafters are still rattling.
“Who am I to judge?”
What did the Pope really say? (Italian HERE)
Remember the context: he was asked … Continue reading

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Card. Turkson: eaten alive by BBC

Peter Card. Turkson was eaten alive on the BBC’s program HardTalk.  HERE
Admittedly, the interviewer was a prime example of the BBC’s vicious worst.
The program, HardTalk, is pretty brutal.  You agree to go on at your peril.
Result this time: train wreck.

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Critic of Pope Francis loses gig with Catholic News Service

Remember that piece in which Adam Shaw, a writer for Fox blasted Pope Francis in Evangelii gaudier? HERE  It seems he also wrote a bit for the Catholic News Service, bankrolled by the USCCB.
It seems that CNS let him go.  HERE
Criticize the … Continue reading

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Italian rumor mill: Pope sneaks out to help the poor.

You may be seeing in days ahead some reports that Pope Francis sneaks out of the Vatican to help the poor.
I saw this at AffariItaliani (my translation):
Papa Bergoglio? La notte esce di nascosto per aiutare i poveri
Pope Bergoglio? Goes out at … Continue reading

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Bp. Paprocki performs exorcism after Illinois governor signs same-sex “marriage” bill

First, Fr. Z kudos to Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield in Illinois.
Bishop Paprocki reacted to the evil decision in Illinois in the way that a Catholic bishop can and ought to react: he prayed.  He fought back against the Enemy.
The … Continue reading

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How AP reported SSPX disruption of a Kristallnacht interfaith service in Buenos Aires

From not-so-Catholic-friendly AP via not-so-Catholic-friendly (unless liberal) HuffPo comes this bizarre train wreck:
Saint Pius X Catholic Group Protests Kristallnacht Interfaith Memorial In Argentina, Challenging Pope Francis
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Ultra-traditionalist Catholics [read: SSPX… but it is far more fun and damaging … Continue reading

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‘c’atholic Left circulates survey on Church life and collects the data. What could go wrong?

Do you know about the group called Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good? Are alarm bells ringing? Read about them HERE. And HERE. Sharing staff with catholics United… HERE.
This is in from the Fishwrap (aka National Schismatic Reporter):
Group steps … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z agrees with …. Fr. James Martin… !?

Words I never thought I would write.  I agree with Fr. James Martin, SJ, on this one.
"Mr. Ratzinger"? Apparently The New York Times Style Manual was written by someone who was high, unconscious or both.
— James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) … Continue reading

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Where’s the ‘c’atholic Left’s usual liberal outrage?

Here is something curious.
The Holy Father meets with his new Gang of 8, the cardinalatial kitchen cabinet, for – what? – 3 days? Did I get that right?
Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, the papal spokesman said that during the meetings of … Continue reading

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NARAL screwed up big time over Pope Francis’ TBI, but they still “win”.

People are sending me a link which they found on Pewsitter.
The ultra-radical pro-big-business abortion group NARAL committed a massive blunder in posting to their Facebook page a “thank you” card to Pope Francis for his comments in TBI™ (aka The … Continue reading

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