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REVIEW: Movie “Persecuted”

This is a public service announcement.
I prefer to be kind about Christian movies.  That said, save yourself some irritation.  The newly released “Persecuted” isn’t good.
“Persecution” addresses a theme which I think is real: there is/will be persecution of true Christians … Continue reading

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VIDEO Aurora: just… wow

I have been watching the news a lot over the last couple days.  Given my mood, I can imagine also yours.
Here’s something very cool as a change of pace.
Real time – not time-lapse – video of aurora borealis.

Meanwhile, as I … Continue reading

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Compare and contrast: VIDEO – 1983 Pres. Reagan about Korean Air 007

Pres. Reagan about the massacre of passengers on civilian aircraft Korean Air 007, blown out of the sky by the Soviet Union’s pilot.
Sure, there is a different between air to air and surface to air attacks.  Sure, there is a … Continue reading

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Advice from a priest: use protection!

I am sure you remember my scare-warnings that, “It doesn’t happen to you, until it does!”
One of the things you need to plan for is the protection of your electronic stuff, which we rely on a lot and often spend a … Continue reading

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ISIS Muslim terrorists rape Christian women. 600 Christians form militia for a last stand.


Muslims Rape Christian Women, 600 Christians Take Up Arms And Make One Final And Heroic Stand Against Muslim Jihadists
After so much rape has been done against Christian women in Iraq, 600 Christians in Iraq have now taken up arms to … Continue reading

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ISIS terrorists call all Muslims next to “conquer Rome”

ISIS leader Abut Bakr Al-Husayni al-Qurashi al-Baghdadi, days after announcing the formation of an Islamic caliphate in Syria-Iraq, announced that Rome must be conquered.
We let him go, by the way.  Guess whose administration did that.
I saw this at The Telegraph:
Rome will be … Continue reading

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Just for fun.

I want one of these!
(Sorry about the awful music. Watch anyway, to the end.)

Keep a couple of those in a Faraday cage, against the day.

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Two interesting facts about the late Maya Angelou.

At Fishwrap, Michael Sean Winters has reminded us that the late writer Maya Angelou once recounted to Family Circle Magazine that, as a pregnant teen, she chose to keep her baby instead of opting for abortion. HERE  Kudos to MSW … Continue reading

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TEOTWAWKI! Well… maybe not…

All of a sudden BAM! Power goes off.
After all this stuff I’ve been reading, I started thinking about my BOB.
Then I heard my UPS beeping and saw that my phone is still functional. Thus, not the EMP. … Continue reading

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Cyber Security, Computer Maintenance, and YOU

In seminary we were to clean our rooms every Saturday morning.  I still am in the habit of doing cleaning chores that day.  I also do routine work on my computers: back ups, clean ups, virus scans, tidy up the … Continue reading

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