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Sr. Kane (of “NUNS GONE WILD” fame) on Pope Francis’ feelings. Wherein Fr. Z rants and has some fun.

First, take a look HERE.  This is where the Holy See posted the transcript of Pope Francis’ chat with newsies on the flight back to Rome from Rio.  From what I can tell, it is the whole thing and in … Read More

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Mountaintop experiences matter, but they are not enough.

My constant drumbeat has been that for any effort of New Evangelization to bear long-lasting fruit, we must revitalize our sacred liturgical worship of God.  Nothing we do to renew the Church will last unless we get our liturgical house … Read More

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Weather check!

Like a lot of the stuff I have been reading these days:

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Blog registration to post comments – practical notes

If you want to register or have registered and have not been able to post comments, take note. My registration form is under constant attack by spammers.  I have to clear dozens of attempts a day at registration and scores … Read More

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