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QUAERITUR: What is “ad nutum episcopi”?

From a reader: Recently here in Minneapolis the 2 FSSP priests were assigned. One was assigned as ad nutum episcopi parochial vicar. What does this phrase mean and what does is say about his tenure? What we found on the … Read More

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Can Gregorian Chant synchronize hearts?

Some people quote the phrase “He who sings, prays twice!” and they (wrongly) attribute it to St. Augustine of Hippo.  The phrase does not appear in anything we have of Augustine. Also, it would be better if you said “He … Read More

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International Court dismisses SNAP’s case against the Holy See

I saw this at These Stone Walls, the blog for Fr. Gordon MacCrae, in prison serving time for a crime he more than likely did not commit. The post is longish, but here is the first part: The International Criminal Court … Read More

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PSA: About Fr. Byers of Holy Souls Hermitage

This is a public service announcement. People are writing to me for news of Fr. Byers, author of the blog Holy Souls Hermitage. Father, with permission of his superiors, is – as I understand – living as a hermit.  He … Read More

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Hijinx from the ACLU

More ALCU hijinx, from the site of site of KPEL radio: ACLU Of Louisiana Voices Opposition To Potential Lafayette Flags Ordinance LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) — The executive director of Louisiana’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is cautioning against … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z advocates the killing of cute animals

I see deer as a) supper and gloves, or b) lethal motorist pests, or c) rats with hooves. Deer invade urban areas and they can be dangerous.  Hit a deer on the interstate with your car at 65 mph sometime … Read More

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QUAERITUR: What is a diocesan “Chancellor”?

From a reader: My question is about the requirements for the Chancellor of a diocese. Some people have told me that the Chancellor is supposed to always be a priest. Is this correct? (Our diocese has had a woman Chancellor for decades.) … Read More

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