No…. this is not Benedict XVI sporting a seasonal Santa Hat. This is it, the real thing, the camauro of yesteryear. John XXIII with camauro Nor is this one-up-manship on the part of a Pope competing with some kids at the audience of 14 December, last. Kids in caps I don’t think it has been used since the time of Blessed Pope XXIII. I bet Archbishop, Piero Marini is thrilled. My prediction is that, one day, His Holiness Benedict will revive the fanon, worn only once at the roman Basilica of Saint Cecilia by John Paul II (interesting story behind that which I will one day tell). The fanon is a type of stripped mozetta, used only by the Roman Pontiff for celebrations of Mass. It is worn over the chasuble and under the pallium. JP II wearing the Fanon Alas, I suppose he won’t bring back the tiara or flabella. Maybe… maybe… in his declining yers, the sedia gestatoria. CAMAURO

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  1. Okay… I made my prediction about the fanon a while back. Here is a note from today’s blog by Zadok Romanus.

    “I’ll pass on some Roman gossip – the Papal fanon might just reappear for midnight Mass in St Peter’s. Far from being the most important thing about Christmas, but it’d be interesting to see.”

    A tip of the biretta to Zadok Romanus


  2. JC says:

    I have seen the picture of the late John Paul II wearing the fanon at at St Cecilia’s. I have always wondered why he only wore once. You say you know the story. I would love to hear it.
    Pax, JC

  3. The late Pope wasn’t into that sort of thing and, to my knowledge, did not visit again the Basilica of St. Cecilia. The rector there, one of the papal MC’s, was the only one around who had the guts to put it out for his to wear and get away with it.

  4. jpsonnen says:

    ah, the basilica of santa cecilia photo! god bless the fanon/fanone!

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