Collect for the 1st Week of Ordinary Time

There is an interesting word in the Collect of today’s Mass: convalescant. Here is the prayer:

Vota, quaesumus, Domine,
supplicantis populi caelesti pietate prosequere,
ut et quae agenda sunt videant,
et ad implenda quae viderint convalescant.

The Lewis & Short Dictionary shows that convalesco means “to recover from a disease, to regain health, to grow strong, gain strength”. Think of the English word “convalesce”, which is narrowed in meaning to refer to gaining strength after an illness.

We beg, O Lord, follow up on the promises
with heavenly mercy for a supplicant people,
so that they may both see the things that must be done,
and also gain strength in order to bring to completion what they will have seen.

That convalescant suggests us a flavor of a continuous process. We who suffer from a wounded human nature need the medicine the Doctor of our souls can give. The Doctor is, of course, Christus medicus. He is also in the person of the priest, who gives us the Eucharist to consume and absolution when we have sinned and come to back our senses. We gain strength, strength upon strength, when we stay close to the sacraments. They help us to see what we must fulfill according to the vocations God’s gives us and then bring to completion the good initiatives God provides in His mercy.

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  1. Jeff says:

    When are you going to do the Prefaces, Father?

  2. Henry Edwards says:

    When are you going to do the Prefaces, Father?

    Amen. Inquiring minds want to know. The world awaits. Etc.

  3. Henry Edwards says:

    ICEL Collect — 1st Week in Ordinary Time:

    Father of love,
    hear our prayers.
    Help us to know your will
    and to do it with courage and faith.

    Unless this month’s Magnificat has simply printed the wrong so-called prayer here — even though today’s prayers are identified as “those of the First Week in Ordinary Time” — I’m inclined to nominate this as the worst single ICEL effort seen yet. Anybody got a better (i.e., worse) example?

  4. Henry Edwards says:

    But it is good to see preserved here in the Novus Ordo weekday Mass the elegant (I think) collect of the traditional missal’s First Sunday after Epiphany, which — does it not? — always gets supplanted by the Feast of the Holy Family.

  5. Henry Edwards says:

    the traditional missal’s First Sunday after Epiphany, which—does it not?—always gets supplanted by the Feast of the Holy Family.

    Which Mass In excelso throno, however — as I see upon reading a page further in my traditional missal — serves for those ferias in January 7-12 that occur after the First Sunday after the Ephipany. So this particular week we have the same collect in both the new Mass and the old Mass (assuming we’re so unusually fortunate as to hear the former in Latin).

  6. Thanks for looking that up. I knew it was in the 1962MR somewhere, but I wasn’t sure where. It seems also to hve been in the so-called “Gregorian” Sacramentary. There is a variation in the Englolismensis: Votiva… Also, I found it as is in the Liber sacramentorum for the First Sunday after “Theophania“, which fits pretty well with the 1962MR.

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