Feinstein in a fine bind

I am amused to the point of laughter tonight. I am sitting here in my loft looking out across the Piazza Navona and over toward the illuminated Basilica of San Pietro. With my internet connection nearly red hot I am following on CSPAN the US Senate confirmation hearing for Judge Alito. Right now Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is quizzing Judge Alito about the "commerce clause" with a certain emphasis on guns and gun control. I ask you, gentle reader, did you know this? Perpend! You probably know that Sen. Feinstein, whose educational background includes (only) a good BA degree from Stanford, came to her post as Mayor of San Francisco over the prone corpse of Harvey Milk. It is therefore, perhaps, understandable that she obtained… in California a conceal and carry permit and thereafter packed heat for a while. She had the only CC permit in SF. So… Sen. Feinstein carried a concealed weapon. I will let you carry that bon mot provoking image forward on your own.

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