Fr. Z on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America

One of the things that keeps me a) in touch with the USA and b) sane is listening to streams of various radio and TV shows in my native land. One I particularly like is William Bennett’s Morning in America, which has a subscription services also broadcasts on various radio stations throughout the USA. I am a fairly regular e-mailer and caller to their show. This morning I was on with them for about 10 minutes talking about the Holy Father’s new encylical letter. I post this mainly because I think it is great that a national talk radio show is talking in a serious way about an encyclical of a Pope! Listen to Bennett sometime. His show is great. There is a clip of my interview available on the show’s web site. I don’t know how long it will be available, however.

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  1. Karen Linsmayer says:

    I have listened to Bill Bennett off an on, but lately, more often, because at 5:00 am there is a different talk show host on 1500 KSTP AM. Bill Bennett is good and solid, but when I am ready to get my blood boiling, I listen to Michael Savage on 1570 am, the Patriot. His show is taped. He is live from San Franciso, if you happen to live in CA and other places where it is PST. I absolutly think he is the smartest, most saavy talk show host if you are interested in politics. He is Jewish, although he doesn’t ever come right out and tell you that, but he does quote the Bible, is pro life and is probably too harsh for some people. We get him in MN at 6:00 am on the Patriot 2, 1570 am. Try him sometime, you’ll like him. God Bless.

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