O Happy Michigan

Things are really looking up in Michigan, aren’t they. Think about it. First, they were blessed to receive His Excellency Robert Carlson as Bishop of Saginaw. Bishop Carlson is a real straight shooter and sound fellow all around. They have now received the gift of His Excellency Alex Sample, the brand shiny new Bishop of Marquette. He is a pious and very bright, faithful man who will dedicate both ends of the candle day and night to his flock. Count on it.

Now we read in The Detroit Freep that His Excellency, Most Reverend Thomas Gumbleton has resigned his post as auxilliary in Detroit. Moreover:

However, archdiocesan spokesman Ned McGrath would not confirm that Maida will keep Gumbleton at St. Leo’s, an appointment he has held since 1983.

“It’s up to the cardinal now,” McGrath said. “I don’t know about staying pastor at St. Leo’s. They’ll have to have discussions about that.”

Maida, who was in Marquette on Wednesday for the installation of a new bishop for the Upper Peninsula, could not be reached for comment. But McGrath said the cardinal, who staunchly opposes opening up past abuse cases to legal action, is likely to raise major questions about his former auxiliary’s political activism.

Let us sing a verse of the grand song:

Thou are so pure, but modest too,
Michigan, my Michigan;
Thou art so brave and still so true,
Michigan, my Michigan,
No promise unfulfilled; -on trust
Thy noble sons have bit the dust,
Remembered are they. For thou art just –
Michigan, my Michigan.

PS: There is even some Latin in the 5th stanza.

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    Si quaeris paeninsulam amoenam, circumspice.

    Though there’s still no notice on the Vatican website about Gumby’s resignation
    being accepted.
    Perhaps instead of accepting his resignation, he could have his titular see,
    Ululi, converted into a residential one, and be moved to a tent in the mountains
    of Tunisia…

  2. Are you saying they are being “pokey” about Gumby?

    At any rate, if this was a matter of private, sub secreto correspondence between H.E. and the Holy See, then it is really bad form that he should go to the press. One might find in this a taste of sour grapes.

  3. BTW… the cynical among us would wonder if that motto you added above wouldn’t in some circles mean: “If you are looking for a nice peninsula, then keep looking around!” Far be it from a native Minnesotan to say such a thing, however. Besides, the peninsula I live on right now is pretty nice.

  4. Tim Ferguson says:

    Ah yes, fortunately, there are no cynics in Michigan –
    which is home to a branch of the Schuler family a certain Monsignor of eminence was wont to visit as a child.

    It could be that Bishop Gumbleton’s resignation was handled sub secreto, but it could also be simply that, with his 76th birthday approaching, and his attempt last year to not resign having been foiled by that nasty Vatican, he’s stomping angry little feet and requesting that his resignation be accepted.

    “Vatican Pokey about Gumby” hehe – good headline.

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