Bp Lynch on the translation

Bishop Lynch of Florida has begun to comment on the new translation (which is still in preparation).  I was amused to read:

new principles of translation were forthcoming which insisted on a slavish, strict translation of the Latin text


LOL!!  Look… I do "slavish, strict" translations in my columns and on this blog.  What was prepared by ICEL and what is asked for in the norms is decidedly not slavish.

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  1. Andrew says:

    “Twenty-five years after the change has been made, few of us will even remember what we used to say as we will have become accustomed to the new translation.”

    25 years from now I’ll be circa 85, plus 2 years to implement the translation, make that 87 – I’ll be glad to forget what we used to say (if I’m still around).

    Then again, 25 years from now there might be a rebirth of Latin and we’ll just ditch the translations.

    Then Bishop Lynch will write: “Babae! Bombax! Attatae!”

  2. Norman says:

    i’ve seen Attatae translated as “aaaaaaaaarrgh”

  3. mark says:

    Dear Father,
    Why are the Bishops who are so opposed to the corrections
    and I say corrections not changes to the liturgy so
    condescending? We simpletons in the lay are capable of learning consubstantial.

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