Even the “foreign” guy can get it right

Often the AP and Reuters photo captions are terribly muddled, since they are often written by non-Catholics or non-English speakers (and a combination of the same).  However, in this caption, the writer goet something that some of the bishops meeting in the plenary don’t seem to get.  If this Italian photographer gets it, why don’t they"

Pope Benedict XVI holds the wine chalice at a mass for the procession of the solemnity of Corpus Christi in St. John Lateran Square in Rome, Thursday June 15, 2006. In foreground, a Swiss Guard. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)


Sure, what is in the vessel in the Pope’s hands used to be wine and is now the Precious Blood.  Also, in Italian, the word is "calice".  It isn’t a huge leap though, is it?  Remember.  Those who say that we need to haer "cup" and those sorts of words essentially think we are are stupid.

Chalice, not cup

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  1. Argent says:

    Oh, you mean when we hear “precious chalice” we don’t automatically think 24-karat-gold-encrusted-with-jewels kinda cup? We might actually think, oh, the Blood of Christ?

  2. Rocco P said that His Holiness used the Second Eucharistic prayer this evening. Surely this is a bit strange for a feast and especially this one of all the Church’s solemnities?
    What is added by the richness of the sequence is taken away by the paucity of expression in E.P.II?

  3. Jeff says:


    I guess the Pope likes it. He’s used it once or twice before. I believe he used it last year in Bari. In Feast of Faith, he expresses gratitide for the variety of Eucharistic Prayers in the new missal.

    Since the gorgeous 4th cannot be used without its proper preface, that means using 1, 2, and 3.

    Three cheers for ‘the dew of His Spirit’!

  4. Jeff,

    I’m afraid that, according to Rocco P ‘dew’ is excluded on an amendation and ‘outpouring’ is in.

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