Interstate ecclesiastical hijink

The US National System of Interstate and Defense Highways aka the Interstate Highway System could be a starting point for ecclesiological reflection.  Consider, for example, I-35.

At one end you have such places as the Archdiocese of Dallas where all sorts of hijinx is taking place these days according to the post recent stories I have read.  At the other end, there is the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, where… welllll… all sort of hijinx has been taking place according to the stories I have read.

In between we find the Diocese of Kansas City, where Bishop Finn has been restoring the liturgy, expanding the use of the 1962 Missal, and garnering praise from all sides.  Just off I-35 (in relative terms, of course) on I-44 is the Diocese of Tulsa where the Bishop Slattery wants pastors to restore Gregorian chant and reduce the use of guitars and drums and where Benedictine monks have a foundation from Fontgombault at Clear Creek.

Well?  There are other dioceses on I-35.  There are Duluth (MN), Des Moines (IA), Kansas City (KS), Wichita (KS), Oklahoma City (OK), Fort Worth (TX), Waco (TX), Austin (TX), San Antonio (TX), Laredo (TX). 

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  1. Cathy_of_Alex says:

    Father: What Does the Blog Really Say?

    Signed: I-35 (E) resident.

  2. Web M. says:

    FYI, Dallas is just a plain ol’ diocese, not an archdiocese.

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