Pondering the Bartolucci issue

Pope Benedict doesn’t do things with out reasons.

At the concert the other day, which you have all read about by now, the Pope said: "Sacred polyphony, especially the so-called ‘Roman school,’ is a legacy that must be carefully conserved, maintained alive and made known."

Say what you want about the work of Domenico Bartolucci, but he had been appointed "Maestro in perpetuo" of the Sistine Chapel.  He was ousted from this position against his will by some of the "Palace guard".

If nothing else, having Bartolucci back to direct in the Chapel and listening to the Pope say waht he said, must have been a real thumb in the eye to those who got rid of Bartolucci and a real shot in the arm for him.

The Pope’s moves and changes are not "seismic" in nature, with dramatic and earthquake-like shifts of officials and dicasteries.  He is opting for slower means, such as erosion.  Suddenly a sink hole opens up here or there and someone drops through. 

This technique gives everyone a chance to reflect on what he has been doing, where he presently is, and whta he would really like to be doing next year if he doesn’t get with the program Benedict is signalling.  We have seen some very highly placed prelates shift their approach to their mandates since Joseph Ratzinger became Pope, haven’t we!

The Bartolucci Chronicles will continue.

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