Archived Mass video on Z-Cam

I figured out how to play piece of pre-recorded video over the streaming Z-Cam in the chapel of the Sabine Farm, which, alas, I am leaving soon in favor of the Roman chapel.  I recorded this mornings Holy Mass (with the 1962 Missale Romanum of the Holy Angels) through the cam.  In any event, if I put the archived video of Mass on the Z-cam, let me know if you catch a glimpse.

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    I caught the tail end of Mass – the last Gospel and the Leonine prayers. Now it looks like the altar is dressed in purple – getting an early start on Advent?

  2. Father: I just caught the last 2 minutes of the Mass and the
    sequence of prayers following.

    The sound was good and the picture is really sharp.

    One suggestion? Slow down, please.

    Good night, and safe journey to Rome.

  3. Tim: Nah… that’s a green frontal. The temperature of the lights in the chapel right now make it look a little purple, though, for sure. White tomorrow, however! For Mary’s feast.

  4. When I click on “archived mass video on z-cam”, it goes to the comments page. But please keep trying. So far as I can find out there is not a good tridentine low mass (or high) available on demand anywhere.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Strange…I have never been able to see anything on the Z-Cam using Firefox of IE. Where can I find the archived section?

  6. Jon says:


    Missed the Mass, but late this afternoon I logged on to see if you’d posted anything new, and caught you moving the camera outside. I could hear your footsteps and thought I heard you mumble something – probably a prayer?

    I understand it’s going to snow up your way tomorrow. Snow on October 11th might just send me to Rome too!

    PS – Have you caught the latest in tomorrow’s UK Times?,,3-2397919,00.html

  7. There is no archive section. I have to enable the encoder to play either a video file on my computer or stream live. Another point: there is a limit to how many people can watch at the same time. It is a bandwidth issue.

  8. Catholic Lady says:

    I get a message saying, “this stream is offline” and no video.

  9. Sometimes I have to take it offline to make adjustments. For example, today I put in a higher quality webcam. Send money. o{]:¬)

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