What price victory?

Someone will have to check these stats, but given the team payrolls over number of wins, each win cost the noble Twins, having a payroll of some 63 million, around 704k.  Each win cost the A’s (62 mil) about 707k.  Each win cost the Motor City Kitties (83 mil) about 912k.  Each W cost the ChiSox (103 mil) about  1.2 mil.  And, the hated Yankees (194 mil) spent some 2.1 million per victory.

Twins 704k per W
Yanks 2.1m per W

It cost the hated Yankees almost three times as much to win as it did the noble Twins.

Yet another reason to root for the Twins and to hate the Yankees.

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  1. Mike says:

    Roger Kahn famously asked how anyone could root for the Yankees — “It’s like rooting for U.S. Steel.”

    The line didn’t work in Pittsburgh, of course, where people actually were rooting for U.S. Steel.

  2. Hank Petram says:

    Doesn’t work too well here in NY either. :)

  3. It could be worse. You could be like me and be a fan of the Texas Rangers, who have spent how much money in the history of the team and never won the World Series?

  4. Yankee Lover says:

    There are not a hundred people in America who
    hate the Yankees. There are millions of people
    who hate what they wrongly believe to be the
    Yankees— which is, of course, quite a different

    But, Yankeeness being next to godliness, the
    Yankees and we Yankee lovers forgive you.

    Pax and pinstripes,


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