1st Week of Advent – Saturday

Here is out Collect for Saturday of the 1st Week of Advent:

This is an ancient prayer found in the Rotulus of Ravenna, which is included by Mohlberg in his edition of the ancient Veronese Sacramentary.

Deus, qui, ad liberandum humanum genus
a vetustatis condicione,
Unigenitum tuum in hunc mundum misisti,
largire devote exspectantibus
supernae tuae gratiam pietatis,
ut ad verae perveniamus praemium libertatis.

The phrase condicio vetustatis here refers to the "old man" we must put off, the state of sin inflicted by the fall of our first parents.

O God, who sent Your Only-Begotten
into this world in order to save the human race
from the condition of the old man,
lavish the grace of Your heavenly mercy
upon those devoutly awaiting,
so that we may attain unto the reward of true freedom.

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  1. Brian Day says:

    Father Z,

    How would a “smoother version” be rendered?

    I tried substituting your explanation of “old man” and couldn’t quite make it work.

  2. Jordan Potter says:

    I wouldn’t want a “smoother” version to omit the words “old man,” since it is biblical terminology derived from St. Paul’s epistles.

  3. Tried to turn off the bold. It didn’t work.

  4. O God, who, for the liberation of the human race
    from its ancient sinfulness,
    sent Your Only–Begotten Son into this world,
    grant to those who wait for him with all their hearts
    the grace of your lovingkindness from above,
    that they may at length attain the prize of true freedom.

  5. dcs says:

    Tried to turn off the bold. It didn’t work.

    It’s in the post, rather than the comments. That’s why all the posts after this one are bold, too.

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