Hic semper

Can any of you who may be in Rome reading this tell me where you can find this whimsical stone!   I might give you a prize if you can come up with the spot.

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  1. Andrew says:

    I am not in Rome, and I have no idea what this is about: but it looks to me like some joke, so I would guess that it is to be found at some school, some educational institution?

    Do the letters HIC mean “hic iacet conditus”? Clearly the years mean: from 1989 to eternity. Am I comopletely off? Ubi sunt periti?

  2. Justice says:

    Actually, that looks vaguely familiar. I’ll poke around tomorrow and see if I can find it and grab a picture.

  3. Andrew says:

    Never mind! I didn’t see the “R” at the end of “Semper” and I was wondering who would be Sam Pep.

  4. Melody says:

    Is the place related to St. Blaise?

  5. Justice says:

    Found it in the Roman Forum. The stone’s on a wall facing the gate to St. Sebastian’s off a dead-end path from the Via Sacra.

  6. Justice: Good for you! Well done!

  7. Séamas says:

    Just a quick search of Rome, eh, Justice?

  8. What’s the story behind the stone?

  9. Zadok: Not a clue. It is a real curiosity for me.

  10. More proof that it’s impossible to know everything about Rome’s sites.

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