It’s a Hazard being right

According to some I have apparently now drifted from Rome into a strange "Dukes of Hazard" parallel universe.  

A few things console me here. 

  1. I am in the Bugatti I was promised.
  2. The license plates are correct. 
  3. I am sure to win any race I am in.  In this thing the bleeping Batmobile couldn’t catch me, much less that Charger.
  4. John Schneider is Clark Kent’s father Jonathan in a far more gratifying show Smallville.
  5. On my planet "the General" refers to use of the Latin in the liturgy and never to absolution.
  6. The only people sliding across my hood will be liturgists I find walking near the road.  They’re soft enough not to do any damage, though I’d Hazard a scratch or two.

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Geometricus says:

    Cathy of Alex will be thrilled!

    I agree about Smallville. Thursday nights we never miss it at my house.

    Please excuse the off-topic request: please pray for young Nels, the transitional-deacon-seminarian who sings the Exsultet tonight at St. Raph’s. I’m sure he will do fine, but the prayers wouldn’t hurt.

    Incidentally, how do you drive with the fingers on your right hand contorted like that?

  2. Stu says:

    Just a good ol’ priest…

    If the Duke boys run moonshine, pray tell Father what is in your trunk?

  3. Alan Stout says:

    Yeah, this fatha’ gon’ be blessin’ dat ride all over dis hood! Represent, Jesus Lover!
    You know why parishoners who go to confession are in better shape than those who dont? Cus’ thats where they get the ab-solutions.

  4. Andrew says:

    Vir magnus es, Alan, revera! Praeclare scribis quasi alter Shakespeare!

  5. Father: LOL! You got me.

    You are a sport.

    Please pray for me, Father, I’m being Confirmed at the Vigil this
    evening. Clearly, the stress has gone to my head!

    God Bless!

  6. Cathy: How wonderful for you! Do come back to tell us about it (or give a link to your place).

    Be strong!

  7. catholiclady says:

    Is the URL for Cathy of Alex’s blog spot – very good. And Cathy, blessings on your confirmation tonight.

  8. Father: Good morning to you! He is Risen!

    Deep curtsy to you, Catholic Lady!

    Here’s my story:

    Photos up in a day or so…

    God Bless You.

  9. Andrew says:


    I am very happy for you.

    By the way: “exsulto, exsultare” comes from “ex salire” – that is to “jump up” or to “leap up”.

    I can see that you feel like leaping up with joy: “laetitia exsultare”. The Lord is good. Let us rejoice! Exsultemus!

  10. Maureen says:

    Seeing as Fr. Z has a Sabine Farm, and thus evokes the pastoral, we shouldn’t be surprised to see him linked to one of the great pastoral epics of American television. (The Waltons being the other.) I suppose this makes him the equivalent of Friar Tuck….

    Here in southern Ohio, btw, a mention of the Dukes of Hazzard immediately provokes claims, among those of Kentucky heritage, that the whole series was based on the adventures of some relative of theirs. :)

  11. vincent capuano says:

    Fr. Z. I like your page a lot and I am in agreement with the vast majority of the opinions expressed. I feel we share the same trenches in the culture and liturgy wars. Since you published this in a public forum I respond by this means and not by presonal mail. I hope what I say will be taken as fraternal correction from a fellow priest. I don’t think you need to publish these comments. I understand that the secular clergy are not under the same vows as the regular clergy none the less I am scandalized by your purchase of a sports car. Where I live in Argentina the clergy are very cautious about giving scandal when buying cars. I have lived in the third world for a long time so I am not an un biased observer. But simply
    “Me cae mal”. That you need a car, or that you should buy a new one does not concern me. I in fact promote the purchase of cars here as a pastoral tool, one can work more efficiently with the right tools. I am not your spiritual director or confessor so I do not pretend to judge how you made that decision. What I find disconcerting is that you published the fact that you bought such a car. Many readers will not see this in a positive light and this might prejudice some against your very solid theological and liturgical positions that are advanced in this blog. The liberationist and the cheap liturgy people could have a field day attacking you and the theology that you and I promote and defend. I will pray for you and your intentions in Mass tomorrow morning. In XP Vincent Capuano, S.J.

  12. Fr. Capuano-
    Fr. Z’s ferrari is a joke from a little bit ago. The graphic is photoshopped. No worries! :)
    God bless you, and happy Easter!

  13. Fr. Capuano: I understand that the secular clergy are not under the same vows as the regular clergy none the less I am scandalized by your purchase of a sports car.

    Right… we seculars are usually the ones who observe the vows of poverty you religious make!

    When I think of how I have lived in Rome in years past, and what I have had to do simply to EAT, after seeing the places you religious live in…

    Anyway… Reverend and Dear Father… all of this is a FICTION. It is a JOKE.

    In the meantime let us strive to be Iesus ita … if you get my meaning!

    Surrexit Dominus vere!


  14. swmichigancatholic says:

    My guess is that you ride the bus like pretty much everyone else in Rome and that’s a very, very far cry from a Bugatti. It can range from being bumpily pleasant to being pretty much a fiasco, if I remember right.

  15. Carolina Publican says:

    Apparently, the more refined parts of American Culture, i.e. the Duke Boys, never made it it Argentina! I personally volunteer to send Father Capuano a DVD or two so he can begin to understand and appreciate said Duke Boys (not to mention Boss Hogg, Cooter, et al.). I’ve no doubt that just one episode would open his eyes as to what life is truly like up here in the southeastern corner of the northern portion of the american continent. And relieve his fears of scandal.

  16. vincent capuano says:

    Fr Z

    I am very happy that this was a joke. I just didn’t get it.– You are not the only one scandalized by how some vowed religious live their vows. I know a great many secular clergy who are models of simplicity. I am well aware that my own order has houses that under no stretch of the imagination are poor. None the less you have to admit that the thought of a cleric in a Bugatti is scandalous.

  17. Dave Deavel says:

    I also agree about Smallville (as do Stratford and Leonie Caldecott, I might add).

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