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Yes, we have talked about Chillin’ the Veuve around here for a long time.  Other people out there are celebrating in other ways.  Some formally and liturgically, some less liturgically.  All joyfully.
Here is one e-mail I got.   My Finnish is as strong as my Turkish and my Basque, but our friend translated it for us:
Rev. Fr. Z.,
here is a link to my blog in Finnish about Catholic Liturgy… this one article is telling how my family celebrated the motu: by eating Finnish caviar with toast and new potatoes and smetana (Russian sour cream) and onion AND having a bottle of Veuve, of course — it seemed like a universal thing to do for this reason.
Best, prayerful greetings,

Did you all have fun today?   Do you have celebration plans?
Let us know what is going on with you and yours.

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  1. I received this via e-mail:

    Dear Fr. Z, You asked what we various people did to party, let me tell you. After I had assisted at Holy Mass, four of our little Latin Mass college group (the others were out of town) drove, two of us from 45 minutes away, and met together in one place. When we had joyfully belted a Te Deum, we first read the explanatory note, keeping a good bottle of red wine near us to toast every good phrase or pleasing thing we read. Then we ate steak and finished the red wine while we read (and, perhaps, poked some fun at) the questions and answers from the USCCB wedsite. When supper was finished, we cracked open an excellent and well chilled bottle of white wine, read Summorum Pontificum, and then had a wonderful conversation, replete with laughter. To close the day, we set off fireworks and sang another Te Deum.

    Praised be Jesus Christ!

    JG in  Ann Arbor

    That sounds like a very good way to celebrate:

    Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,

    There’s always laughter and good red wine.

    At least I’ve always found it so.

    Benedicamus Domino!

    H. Belloc
  2. Maureen says:

    I drank a nice bit of Irish whisky. Always appropriate for news of deaths, weddings, births, and papal documents.

  3. Almario Javier says:

    I’m afraid that my celebration was not either so elaborate, but it captures the joy.

    I stood up, and belted, “Yes! Yes! Deo Gratias!!!!!”

  4. Ad Orientem says:

    Caveat: I am Eastern Orthodox. That said I think this is the best news in forty years for the Latin Church. I hope you won’t mind if I shared a little of your joy. A nice cigar with a glass of Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port seemed in order.

  5. Ad Orientem: (Great handle). The more the merrier! We are over here breathing more deeply with our Western lung right now. The only thing that would help is a good cigar. Seriously, we are starting to recover something on the level of the solemn Divine Liturgy: the solemn sung Mass of the older expression of the Roman Rite.

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