Risin’ with Summorum Pontificum

After that first entry, let’s get that flag out in front!

Champagne breakfast?  Or wait until later?


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  1. Jason says:

    When will the official (or your unofficial) translation of the first (non-juridical) part be available?

  2. Ole Doc Farmer says:

    A masterstroke! Precisely what was needed now, and a strong foundation for further development in the future.

    Laudetur Iesu Christus! Nunc et in saecula!

  3. Anthony English says:

    I see that you are facing East for this photo. In Sydney, Australia, the news came through at 8.12 pm Saturday night. I’m frankly delighted. I think it’s a stunning document.

    One surprise: I see that Monsignor Marini has a new job: on the Ecclesia Dei Commission!

  4. Vincenzo says:

    What a beautiful sunrise. I love the mug too rofl. :)

  5. Anthony English says:

    Mons. Marini’s appointment was announced on the Vatican web-site:


    Per mandato del Santo Padre, l’Em.mo Card. Darío Cástrillón Hoyos, Presidente della Pontificia Commissione “Ecclesia Dei” ha nominato Segretario Aggiunto della medesima Pontificia Commissione il Rev.do Mons. Mario Marini.


  6. James R. A. Brown says:

    English available on TCIC.

  7. Peter John says:

    Champagne and eggs for me!

  8. techno_aesthete says:

    Champagne breakfast? Or wait until later?

    After Mass according to the Missal of Blessed John XXIII, of course!

  9. Fabrizio says:

    One surprise: I see that Monsignor Marini has a new job: on the Ecclesia Dei Commission!

    NOTA BENE: that would be Mons. MARIO Marini, undersecretary of CDWDS, not PIERO Marini, the current papal MC.

  10. Anthony English says:

    I am very, very pleased to be corrected about confusing the Mons. Marinis (not sure of the plural there!)

    The Catholic News Service has an unofficial translation of the WHOLE of the MP here:


  11. Ole Doc Farmer says:

    As was pointed out on another site, the USCCB already has a posting on the MP…they clearly put some time into it, carrying both a translation, a (supportive) analysis, a chart of the differences in the two Missals, as well as a chart of the juridical status of the Bl. John XXIII Missal under SP (as opposed to QAA and ED). AND THERE’S NO SPIN.


  12. Rose says:

    I am very very happy. All is forgiven. Can we have fireworks?

  13. anon says:

    The cross of Jesus is our glory.

  14. Marta Garbarino says:

    I an overwhelmed with humility, thanksgiving, and joy. There must be many masses said in thanksgiving to God for this great visible sign of reprieve.
    P.S. Where can you get the mug?

  15. Old Doc: AND THERE’S NO SPIN.

    Oh yes…. there is.

  16. Raymundus says:

    Where can I get that coffee mug? That would be shweet.

  17. swmichigancatholic says:

    The version of the Motu Proprio on the USCCB is considerably different than the Vatican text. Be careful.

    The USCCB version is also insultingly dumbed down. Grrrr.

  18. G says:

    Well, I went to Mass before breaking my fast…
    Father’s homily took its cue from the Gaspel reading, and he assured the assembled faithful that he was not going to be putting any new wine into old wineskins, and no one’d better come to him expecting him to do anything in Latin.
    He is a good man, and I hope you will all pray for him and for the rest of the Church.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

  19. Jonathan Bennett says:

    Gloria in excelsis Deo!

    Just got back from work where I’ve been since early this morning, and the first thing I did was read the MP and the Letter to the Bishops. I am very impressed (and couldnt help but smile to see the Holy Father reffering to himself in the plural). We do have much work to do to further the tradition of the Church, now that the Tridentine Mass- or as it is now known, the Extraordinary Usage of the Roman Rite- has been granted greater approval.

    But for now, I’ll drink to the Holy Father’s health from this excellent bottle of red wine I have in front of me and say a prayer in thanksgiving.

    Jonathan Bennett

  20. Rose says:

    Attended English Novus Ordo Mass at Cardinal Zen’s seat in HK this morning.
    He was not the celebrant but the priest was good. Lots of incense, altar boys only.
    20 or so Eucharistic Ministers, 2/3 women who went up to the altar in 2 rows, all dressed in uniform black. Many parts of the Mass were sung (though not the Gloria). The music was interesting: not Gregorian chant but a chant cadence of some kind (I’m no musician). Very easy to follow along. The announcements were given by a lay person in a serious dignified manner. There is going to be a discussion/lecture on the Letter to the Chinese Catholics coming week,but no mention at all of the MP. All in all, I was impressed.

  21. Rose: I must get back to Hong Kong. I found Mass very dignified everywhere I went. Have you attended the older Mass in Hong Kong? I know Card. Zen has celebrated it there.

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