Book Alert: A Guide to the Celebration of Low Mass

I got a little blurb from Alcuin Reid who says he wrote a forward to a new book on celebrating the older Mass in its "Low Mass" version.

If I can get a review copy, I will write on it.  I only mention it here, but if it is good, I push it a bit.

A Guide to the Celebration of Low Mass by Lee Bradshaw


A Guide to the Celebration of Low Mass, According to the Traditional Roman Rite is a reference and training aid for seminarians, priests and interested laypeople. The standard text of the Mass is set forth, with notes on the correct liturgical actions accompanying each part of the Rite, in accordance with the books of 1962. By using this book instead of a Missal when learning to say Mass, the reader will have a convenient source for both the spoken word and the ritual actions to be made, clearly indicating what the Celebrant of Mass should be doing at each point. It also collects together in one place the prayers that must be memorised by the celebrant, and also those that it is convenient that he should know by heart; and includes notes on the Pronunciation of Liturgical Latin. With a preface by Dr Alcuin Reid, editor of Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described. 65 pages.  $19.95 USD

Kindly notice "Pronunciation of Liturgical Latin".

The Motu Proprio says that a priest must be idoneus ("qualified") in order say the older Mass.  Idoneus does NOT imply expertise, but rather minimum qualifications.  This is why the eminent canonist and Archbishop of New York, Edward Card. Egan stated officially that:

II. Priests who choose to celebrate Mass in the "extraordinary" form must have a sufficient knowledge of the Latin language to pronounce the words correctly.

There are those who will claim that a priest must know more in order to have permission to say the older Mass. 

Reverend Fathers, at the very least, get on the stick and work on your pronunciation!

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