14 September: How are you celebrating today?

How about chiming in and telling is what you have planned to celebrate the Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, now in force?


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  1. Jonathan Bennett says:

    I plan to attend evening Mass and compline at my new parish (St. Clement’s in Ottawa, run by the FSSP), which will be in thanksgiving for Summorum Pontificum. Maybe I’ll be able to meet some of my new fellow parishoners there.

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Being on the west coast, I will be awaking for 5am to watch Mass live on EWTN… that’s about it… no “real” Extraordinary Form of Mass in this diocese… yet! Our bishop says it is in the works! :-)

  3. Matthew Kennel says:

    There’s no extraordinary form anywhere near to me, so I’ll be watching on EWTN.

  4. Anon says:

    If you are in Chicago on 14 September, do not miss the Masses offered at St John Cantius. There will be a Traditional Latin Mass at 630 am (Low Mass) as well as a 730 pm Traditional Latin Mass (High Mass) with choral music.

    St. John Cantius Church
    825 N. Carpenter Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60622

    After the evening Traditional Latin High Mass, the faithful will chant the “Te Deum” and join in a special outdoor procession (weather permitting) with the Relic of the True Cross. During the procession the Catholic faithful will chant the Litany of the Saints in Latin. Returning to the Church all will be invited to venerate the Relic of the True Cross.

    The Cantate Domino Choir will sing along with the Schola Cantorum of St. Gregory the Great.

    September 14, 2007—Friday
    The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

    In Celebration of “Summorum Pontificum” of Pope Benedict XVI

    7:30 p.m.—Tridentine High Mass
    Solemn Procession after Mass

    Messe Basse
    Gabriel Fauré (1845 – 1924)

    Vexilla Regis
    Gregorian Chant

    Tantum Ergo
    Gabriel Fauré (1845 – 1924)

    Maria, Mater Gratiae, Op.47, No.2
    Gabriel Fauré (1845 – 1924)

    Te Deum
    Gregorian Chant

    The youth of the St John Cantius are being encouraged to come dressed in the papal colors to show their support for Pope Benedict in promulgating SUMMORUM PONTIFICUM.

    Also the CATHOLIC NEW WORLD, the Archdiocese of Chicago newspaper, will be present to photograph the procession and to prepare an article for the paper.

  5. Alli says:

    I’ll be attending Sacred Heart in Dunn, NC, with Catholic Caveman and a few other “Traddie” Catholics from my parish. Bishop Burbidge will be concelebrating.

    I am beyond excited!

  6. Timothy James says:

    I’ll be hopping around the “blogosphere” reading about other people’s experiences on this wonderful day, since there will be no Extraordinary form anywhere even close to me :( … What a beautiful day to be a Priest it must be!

  7. Deacon Nemeth says:

    I will be celebrating this day by being the sub-deacon at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary’s Solemn High Mass. This is the first Solemn High Mass to be celebrated in this seminary since the liturgical changes.
    After that glorious event, I’m teaching the grade schoolers in my parish about the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
    Pray for us at Kenrick Seminary!

  8. Guy Power says:

    San Francisco Bay Area.

    East Palo Alto, CA.: A special mass will be held on 14 September at St. Francis of Assissi Church (I forgot the details — heard this from I-Wen Connick, a parishoner & newsletter writer at the ICKSP St.Margaret Mary’s Church (Oakland).
    Oakland, CA.: From the St. Margaret Mary’s Church parish bulletin:

    Friday September 14
    Exaltation of the Holy Cross
    Followed by Night of Adoration
    7:00 pm to 7:00 am next morning (see below)


    Night of Adoration at St. Margaret Mary Church in Thanksgiving for “Summorum Pontificum”
    This Friday, September 14th, at 7:00 pm

    The motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” will take effect on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. We at St. Margaret Mary join the Institute’s world-wide thanksgiving activities with an all-night Adoration of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Exposition will take place following the 6:00 PM Mass on Friday, September 14. This night of Adoration ends at 7:00 AM the next day with a solemn Benediction.
    And a nice photo of the elevation at St. Margaret Mary’s: http://www.stmargmaryoak.org/095.jpg

    Photo of Fr. Wiener with then cardinal Josef Ratzinger: http://www.stmargmaryoak.org/BenedictXVI.jpg (Fr. Wiener is the tall priest on the far right).

    Santa Clara, CA.: I think the Our Mother of Perpetual Help Oratory will have it’s regular Friday High Mass at 5:30 pm. cf: http://www.perpetual-help.org/

    –Guy Power

  9. Papabile says:

    I will pray vespers tonight and then on the 15th, my new Godson will be baptized in the extraordinary use.

  10. Ad Orientem says:

    This Orthodox Christian shares your joy. I took note of the occassion on my blog. Here is my nomination for the musical theme of the day…

  11. Ad Orientem says:

    This Orthodox Christian shares your joy. I took note of the occassion on my blog. Here is my nomination for the musical theme of the day…

  12. Syriacus says:

    To celebrate the Triumph of the Cross and, contextually, the comeback the traditional Divine Liturgy in the Holy Roman Church, I personally suggested the priests who usually celebrates the usus antiquor in Genoa in the Chiesa di San Carlo, to offer the Mass at the Altar of the Crucifix (with Algardi’s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alessandro_Algardi magnificent grey marble sculptures) :


    (It will, in my heart, a bit also a reparation for what Cardinal Lehmann inaugurated three days ago in his cathedral in Mainz :

    -Mainz, 11. September 2007: Wiedereröffnung der neu gestalteten und restaurierten Sakramentskapelle im Mainzer Dom mit dem Altarbild von Bernd Zimmer und einem der Fenster von Professor Johannes Schreiter.


    BUT now, …tempora bona veniUnt! )

  13. Nancy says:

    In Long Beach, CA, I will be up at 5 a.m. for Extraordinary Form of the Mass on EWTN. My parish pastor said that he doesn’t see the Traditional Latin Mass being celebrated in his parish because “most people don’t understand Latin.”…..He said he would only allow the Traditional Latin Mass if 500 parishoners ( the full compliment of the church pews ) requested it. Still, I’ll be celebrating with joy and gratitude to our Holy Father for this very very special day.

  14. I will be celebrating a Missa Cantata at 7:00 p.m. at St. Charles Borromeo Church, Peoria, AZ. Our choir master has been working with our choirs, and they are all very excited about the Mass. We will also be including a guest organist and guest vocalists. One of our altar servers, a young man of 11 years of age–who happens to serve daily Mass at another parish–will be making sure I stay on track. (I have been chanting and genuflecting like you wouldn’t believe!)

    This is a glorious and historical day indeed. Just wait and see the multitude of graces around the world brought forth from the Mass of the Ages.

  15. John says:

    I’m celebrating by praying for the priests and for restoration of full liturgical splendor in the Latin Church.

  16. James says:

    I will be attending St. Patrick’s Church in New Orleans where a Solemn High Mass will be celebrated. The music will be Mozart’s “Mass in Honor of the Holy Trinity.” http://www.oldstpatricks.org

  17. JD says:

    In Rome:
    Solemn High Mass at San Gregorio dei Muratori with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, 6:30 p.m.


    Te Deum Laudamus…!

  18. JD says:

    In Rome:

    Solemn High Mass
    San Gregorio dei Muratori
    6:30 p.m.
    with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter


    Te Deum Laudamus…!

  19. Judy says:

    With joy, we celebrate this day!
    We attended our local parish NO Mass this morning; it is a feast day after all. Since there is no extraordinary form Mass in Japan that we know of, we will watch/listen to EWTN’s Mass over the internet.
    This morning, my children and I began to learn the Gloria in Latin. My husband and I plan to work our way through all of the parts of the Mass in Latin, hopefully also learning some of the chants, so that all of us will be familiar with them when we are graced with the opportunity to live in a place where our family may participate in either an ordinary form Mass in Latin or, our greatest hope, an extraordinary form Mass.

  20. Fr. Harrie says:

    I celebrated a Tridentine “Missa Cantata” this early morning at 08.30h. in my parish in the Neterlands.
    Normally at friday at this early time there are only 2 or 3 faithfull (I always celebrate the parish-masses in the new rite) , this morning we had 40. Now just waiting how many will come next friday, because i decided to continue the 1962 Rite every friday. Anyway, the faithfull were very gratefull, and participated very well in answering and singing. They also all received the H. Communion again kneeling and on the tongue at the communionrail.
    It was a wonderfull experience!
    Thank you Holy Father Benedict that You gave this Tradition back to the Church!!

  21. moretben says:

    I had been hoping to get up to Blackfen, but family responsibilities make it impossible. Divine Office and EWTN will have to do, together with a determined attempt to impersonate a half-decent Christian for the duration of the Feast.

  22. Rob in Maine says:

    As there has been ZILCH said about this in my Diocese, It’s EWTN for me :(. I even called the Chancery and was told (after speaking with three people and explaining to each one the Motu Propio) that I can attend the Latin Mass at noon on Sunday.


  23. Patrick Jude says:

    The Bishop’s confrence of Malaysia n even my Archdiocese does nt mention a word on it n therefore, no Masses in the Extraordinary form and thus has to be contented to catch this ‘breathtaking glimpse of heaven on earth’ through EWTN via sattelite, so for those fortunate to attend the Mass in the extraordinary form today, pray for us here in the Archdiocese of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia that soon we would b able 2participate in this great Mass that has inspired countles Saints

  24. Marilyn says:

    I will be attending the ordinary form of the Mass this morning with my students at a local Catholic School. This evening I will be at a solemn high Mass–the extraordinary form–in the St. Louis area. This will be the first public Mass for this particular priest in the old rite. Deacon Nemeth, I will be praying for all of you at Kenrick Seminary! Who is saying the Mass at the seminary tonight?

  25. Suaso! says:

    As I am at college and there will be no Extraordinary Form of Mass nearby that I know of (and I don’t want to travel to Eastern NC), I will be watching the Mass EWTN brodcast via internet at 8:00. Then, of course, as it is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and our campus basilica has a relic of the True Cross which will be readily available for veneration, I’ll be paying that a visit as well as going to our normal Mass to give thanks for the new oppritunity to experience something I was born too late for.

  26. Seminarian X says:

    I’m a seminarian in the midwest and over 1/3 of the seminary is planning to go to the parish which had the formal indult. There the pries will use the oldest missal he has (1607) and a special chalice just for the occasion. We were planning on sitting in choir, but this has been prevented.

  27. Father Bartoloma says:

    Introibo ad altare Dei. Ad Deum qui laetificat iuventutem meam.

  28. Getting up early to watch the Mass on EWTN.

  29. Marilyn says:

    I will be attending the ordinary form of the Mass this morning with my students at a local Catholic school. Tonight I will be at a solemn high Mass–the extraordinary form–in the St. Louis area. This will be the first public Mass in the old rite for this priest, and it promises to be a beautiful evening! Deacon Nemeth, I will be praying for all of you at Kenrick Seminary. Who is saying the Mass at the seminary this evening?

  30. Mike says:

    I’m watching the EWTN Mass today as well as attending a conference on the Extraordinary Form which is being given by Fr. Peter Guerin at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. I will be attending Mass in the Extraordinary Form this Sunday at St. Patrick’s in Nashua, NH–the first time Mass from the Missal of 1962 has been celebrated in the Diocese of Manchester in a very, very long time.

  31. I will be attending a High Mass at St. Peter’s Church, Troy, New York at 6:30 PM this evening.

  32. Deacon Nemeth says:

    This morning’s Mass will be offered by Fr. Lenhardt of the Institute of Christ the King. All the sacred ministers, servers, and schola are from the seminary.

  33. joe says:

    Today 40-45 of us are meeting with the Pastor of St. Mary’s in Miesville , Minnesota (pop.137) After concluding Adoration with Benediction, we will feast on the wonderful but simple meat-free meal my wife has prepared and decide what time our Classic Formula will be reverently celebrated.
    While there will be a drop in attendance at the church we all drive 40-90 miles to attend in St. Paul, Minnesota…we realize the Apostles and centuries of greater missionairies had to diminish their numbers to disperse to “Go and teach all nations.”

  34. MSusa says:

    About to watch on EWTN for the first time in my life!
    We have a long way to go in our diocese. They won’t consider “if or only if”, basically “no” right now and the nearest is 3 hours away.

  35. Today I work for a living. Somebody has to. Tonight I’ll begin putting notes together for training up to two dozen young men for a missa solemnis. Wish me luck.

  36. Jenny Z says:

    I’m actually not sure what’s going on in Dallas, TX… I haven’t been able to find anything on what the Bishop has said, and the only Tridentine mass I can find to go to is at 6am daily, the same one that’s been going on for years…. I’d love to go, but I’d also like to find something that doesn’t require me to get up quite so early. 6am, for my schedule, is a little out of the question.

    You mentioned a week or two ago that you had an edited version of a statement from the Bishop of Dallas… could you post it? Or link it?

  37. Kimberly says:

    Holy Family Catholic Church in Columbus, where I am a parishioner, will offer a Solemn High Mass for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and “post-mass” celebration of the Summorum Pontificum.

    The Solemn High Mass will be offered on this evening, at 7:00 p.m. In use will be several precious artifacts from the Holy Family Jubilee Museum: the 1607 Pius V Missal will be used for this very special Mass, as will the Mary Queen of Scots Chalice and vintage vestments from the 18th century. To quote Fr. Lutz: “the oldest of the old.”

    These items are generally kept in the Pontifical Museum, but will be brought out for this day of joyous celebration.

    Several members of clergy will be in attendance and have asked to sit in choir. Many will don the traditional biretta for the first time!

    Additionally, on the same day, at EWTN, there will be a Solemn High Mass with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. We have let them borrow our main altar cards, historic missals and ciboria for the occasion. In exchange, Holy Family and the Jubilee Museum will be mentioned on air.

    Deo Gratias!

  38. James says:

    Here in Manchester, UK, just been to a traditional sung service of Benediotion (in Latin) at lunchtime, to be followed by High Mass & Te Deum this evening at St Chad’s!

    Deo Gratias!

  39. Jacob says:

    I plan on waiting to see if HE issues the norms he promised today as they weren’t in the paper yesterday.

  40. Steve says:

    At the 7:00 p.m. Pontifical High Mass, St. Stanislaus, Milwaukee, WI, offered by Bishop Perry of Chicago.

  41. Rob says:

    I was able to attend at an EF Mass this morning in an abbey side-chapel and then venerate a relic of the True Cross!

  42. Brian Mershon says:

    Gave thanks to our Lord for this wonderful blessing at our adoration chapel this a.m. and read Dom Gueranger’s commentary on the Exaltation of the Cross.

    Watching the FSSP EWTN Mass now.

    7 p.m. Missa Cantata at Prince of Peace in Taylors, SC, offered by the Very Rev. Steve Brovey, pastor and director of prayer and worship for the Diocese of Charleston.

    There are indications that Fox News might do a story on it. The Traditional Latin Mass on TV in Bob Jones University. Who’d a thunk it?

    Champagne reception and potluck following Holy Mass.

  43. David S says:

    Missa Cantata at St. Alphonsus in Baltimore MD at 7:00 pm.
    Saratoga St. downtown, about 2 blocks from the Assumption Basilica.

    Mass will be preceded by Solemn Te Deum in thanksgiving, and followed by Magnificat. Hymn at Communion: Vexilla Regis.
    O happy, long-awaited day!

  44. Argent says:

    I will be in the choir loft in Sacred Heart, Dunn, NC.

  45. Jim says:

    I will pray for the day when the extraordinary rite comes to my diocese. It may be a long time in the coming.

  46. Brian Jilka says:

    I will be in Bishop Bruskewitz territory this evening and for the rest of the weekend, but I unfortunately will not be able to get to a Mass in the extraordinary form. I do hope, however, that the retired priest at our parish will eventually celebrate one occasionally in the future.

    I don’t think that anything major is going on in the Archdiocese (Kansas City, Kansas) on the occasion, which is somewhat disappointing, though the Archbishop did have a nice response to it.

  47. Jess says:

    I’m searching the net to see what everyone else is doing. Went to a Novus Ordo and adoration this morning and tonight I will be watching the EWTN celebration on tivo!

  48. Ave Maria says:

    I watched a few minutes of the EF on EWTN before I had to leave to attend ‘liturgy’ (what we call the Mass here). There has not been in indult in my diocese and no EF is planned at the moment but our bishop turns 75 next year and the most wonderful priest that I know of in this diocese told me that he will begin to prepare for the Extraordinary form and perhaps within a year, he will offer it. But he is 370 miles from me….

    But I am deeply joyful that the Mass of our heritage is being returned to us. I will never understand in this life how it was taken but I view it as chastisment.

  49. MSusa says:

    Just finished watching the High Mass on EWTN; how beautiful! That was the shortest 2 hours I have ever experienced! Deo Gratis!
    Still waiting to attend one in person!

  50. techno_aesthete says:

    I was able to watch the broadcast on EWTN up to the sermon. I had to leave for work at that point. However, I am recording it and will watch the rest after choir rehearsal this evening. What I saw was magnificent. The nuns chanted the ordinary and propers and sounded absolutely angelic. I hope EWTN airs more EF Masses from the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament. Mother Angelica was present.

    Te Deum laudamus! Vivat Benedictus XVI!

  51. I am posting some stuff on my blog, The Blue Boar (http://theblueboar.blogspot.com).

  52. John Spangler says:

    Laudetur Jesus Christus!

    Just finished watching the Solemn High Mass from the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament on live EWTN.

    How wonderful to see Mother Angelica in attendance!

    Blessed be God in his angels and in his saints.

  53. cassianus says:

    I will be celebrating others good fortune, since there is no extraordinary form Mass in my diocese of Salt Lake City, nor word of any in the near future. The desert continues… let’s hope for some change in the future.

  54. Barbara Rickman says:

    The mass on EWTN is just over and I was….to happy for words. I feel as if today is an official feast day for the whole Church and I just want to dance, dance, dance!! It is still a Friday so I shall make my best baked macaroni and cheese and have a glass of my favorite port. I am the only RC in my house so, I improvise…:-)!

    God bless us all and especially Pope Benedict! Now! If he could just see his way to doing a papal mass in St. Peter’s according to the extraordinary form….(yes please)…!!!!


  55. TGIMPF!

    Thank God its Moto Proprio Friday!

    Nothing special up here in Canada, but happy nonetheless.

  56. Janet says:

    I’ll be attending the Solemn High Mass celebrated by Bishop Foley at noon, at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Birmingham, Alabama. As an aside, please pray for Bp. Foley, as he is long overdue for knee surgery. Celebrating this Mass today will be quite painful for him, and he needs all the prayer support that can be offered.

    Also just finished watching the Solemn High Mass from the Shrine in Hanceville, on EWTN. Was greatly pleased to see Mother Angelica was able to be there. This is the Mass she envisioned for this Shrine, and it’s a great victory for her today, to have survived to see the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated there at last.

  57. Fasting in thanksgiving for Summorum Pontificum and attending an extraordinary form of the
    Mass this evening.

  58. CBM says:

    just “attended” the Extraordinaty Form Mass via EWTN.
    on Wednesday I gave a presentation in my parish on the Why? and How? of the TLM. to my delight over 60 very reasonable people including teenagers (!) came, listened and asked interesting questions.
    on Friday 21st at 7pm I will offer the Extraordinary Form at 7pm at the altar of my parish church. I will have to use a hand missal to assit me but I am ready and willing.

  59. Emilio says:

    Jenny Z, I don’t know how practical this is for you, but “The Fort Worth Community will have a Mass at St. Mary of the Assumption (509 W. Magnolia, Fort Worth) at 7:00 PM. Mater Dei has received a special invitation to join with St. Mary’s on this splendid occasion, to be offered by Fr. Terra FSSP.”

    Fr. Terra is the chaplain of Mater Dei (who celebrates the EF mass in Dallas).

  60. Tim says:

    The Mass on EWTN was splendid…and the homily was great too.

  61. Romulus says:

    I’ll be serving at Solemn Mass this evening at St. Patrick’s in New Orleans (before our relic of the True Cross).

  62. Daniel Muller says:

    Thanks for the information, Emilio. I am thinking about attending myself.

  63. Brian says:

    We will be attending the Extraordinary Form of the Mass tonight at Queen of Peace parish in Patton, PA (Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown) at 7:00PM. This is a private mass…but the public is welcome ;-)

  64. Charles Robertson says:

    I will be going to the Extraordinary Form this evening here in Saskatoon. Matt, you should come up here for mass soon and have a visit with us!

  65. RichR says:

    I will be having dinner with the guys in our Schola as we eat pizza, have a beer, compare ’62 missals, and talk about the MP and how we can encourage it in our area. No priests have really expressed an interest in celebrating this form of the Mass, but we are the most traditional community in our diocese….IOW, someone will ask, and it may have to go to the chancery or Rome…but we’ll get one here. It’s only a matter of time.

  66. EWTN for me. Fabulous. I am praying that more people will come to realize and appreciate this rite. Deo Gratias

  67. Carl Barthelette says:

    I just returned from a 7am low Mass. It was very nice. Don’t know how often it will be offered and I don’t know if I can get there that early again!
    I happened to be off work today so Thanks Be to God.

  68. catholiclady says:

    Fr. Gonzales – I was thrilled when I read there would be a Missa Cantata in Peoria. I am currently a “shut in” living in Wickenburg but hope eventually to be able to get to Mass. Will you be having aditional Extraordinary Masses scheduled there. I used to go to the Mater Miserae Cordae Masses at St. Thomas the Apostle now managed by the FFSP but that is too much for me to travel – Peoria may be doable in the future. Do you know Fr. Saenz? He used to celebrate there also.

    God bless you for contributing to keeping the Mass of the Ages alive and well in Arizona.

  69. Florida John says:

    Went to “Ordinary” form Mass this morning. Looking forward to seeing the “Extraordinary” form Mass on EWTN. It will be repeated at 6pm and midnight EST for those who missed it. There is no “Extraordinary” form Mass announced here in this diocese nor any plans for it. Very sad situation.

  70. Ager Flandriae says:

    Mass – both in the parish (ordinary form) and on EWTN (extraordinary form), a cone of fries, and a Desclee 1962 breviary, old psalter.

  71. Kathleen says:

    I am going to 2 Masses today. One I am in charge for Fr. Anda at St. Columbkille’s Church in Brighton at 9:00pm. We have spent the last 3 months planning tonight. It will be a Low Mass with Gregorian Chant Propers (Schola Amicorum led by Dr. John Salisbury).
    I then at the last minute had to get a priest for Holy Trinity German Church. Because of a all priest’s meeting that runs from 12 noon till 8:00pm no priests were available. I got a older Jesuit who was willing. Special thanks to Fr. William McInnis SJ. So I have to get him into downtown Boston for a 6:30pm Mass and drop him back off at Boston College and hustle on over to St. Col’s to help get everything ready for Fr. Anda.
    A very busy day but worth it.

  72. Gustavo Ráez-Patiño says:

    I will attend an Ordinary Form Mass tonight, though a special one, since today is the Patronal feast of my Parish, which is dedicated to the Holy Cross. A bishop (who is a former Pastor of the Parish) will celebrate. Here in my diocese there are no short-term plans regarding the Extraordinary Form, but it seems that there are some long-term plans, since I have heard that our diocesan seminarians are already studying the 1962 Missal rubrics and being trained on them! Anyway, one of the assisting priests of my Parish is willing to celebrate in the Extraordinary Form, and has been studying the 1962 Missal these last months! So, all in all, the perspective looks promising to me! Laus Deo!

  73. Allen says:

    Whilst you are celebrating, please remember, that in some places it may be many years before this Motu Proprio is realized.

  74. peretti says:

    I watched the Mass this morning on EWTN (wonderful). I will throw a big steak on the grill to celebrate. The communications office for the Archdiocese of Denver told me that there just is not much interest in the Mass of John XXIII. I think they are in the “duck and cover” mode. I think there is more interest than they are letting on, but for now, I hope EWTN broadcasts more of these on a regular basis.

  75. DTD says:

    Going to Mass – the Ordinary Rite. After all, a sacrament is a sacrament.

  76. Geri says:

    Watched EWTN when the tv feed wasn’t out (maybe Church R Us has a mole in the cable company….)
    Attended Ordinary Form Mass, sang Lord When You Came, Here I Am and a Celebration series “psalm.”
    Will wait for the mailman, to see if the bishop has responded to my letter inquiring if anything is being done anywhere in our diocese that will increase availability of the Extraordinary Form.
    Blue is not my color, so will not hold my breath.
    Will set out for St John Cantius to PARTICIPATE in the Mass and procession this evening.
    Deo Gratias!
    Long life to Pope Benedict the Magnificent!
    Save the Liturgy, Save the World!

  77. Derik Castillo says:

    I attended 9:30 Extraordinary Mass. It was a low Mass, because the Solemn Mass
    was scheduled for next Sunday. I am praying the liturgy of the hours (Ordinary
    Form in Latin), and I am trying to become acquainted with the Te Deum (Solemn
    Tone, as in the Liber Usualis), to sing along with the choir, and
    give thanks to God next Sunday after Mass. Finally, I just want to say that I
    completed my Altar Server training! Pray for me so that I remember everything.

  78. paw prints says:

    I will be at the Solemn High Mass/Missa Cantata at Sacred Heart in Dunn, NC. Argent, can’t wait to hear the choir! :)

    Thank You Holy Father, Bishop Burbidge and Fr. Parkerson! :)

  79. Derik Castillo says:

    Peretti: a steak on Friday? I understand that abstinence of meat on Fridays outside
    Lent is optional, and that if a Solemnity falls on Friday one can have meat.
    Sounds like you are having a big celebration!

    God Bless

  80. Brian says:

    I spent this morning serving my first Mass, ever–which was an extraordinary form Mass. I’m grateful for at least five things (not necessarily in this order):

    1) for the chance to receive the Holy Eucharist while kneeling.

    2) for the chance to study the Latin prayers (they’re usually so much richer than the ICEL “versions” of them–I really had no idea, until I started studying furiously to be a server, and I took my old Latin grammar and lexicon out to plow through the translations myself).

    3) for a Mass with no banal accretions (such as “Gather Us In”, etc.).

    4) for a very forgiving priest who was very gentle with my bungling of responses, rubrics, etc. (due to an unexpected bout of “stage fright”)

    5) that God is merciful and that He has a sense of humor about bungling acolytes who botch their first attempt at serving the ER… :)

    Deo Gratias!

    In Christ,

  81. And I, another Orthodox Christian, am also praying in thanksgiving on this, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy and Lifegiving Cross of our Lord, remembering that the Cross unites what was divided.

  82. ashley says:

    There will be an Extraordinary Mass celebrated at the Passionist Monestary in Ellisville, MO (St. Louis area) at 7pm tonight, with a schola from Kennrick seminary.

  83. Servus Dei says:

    I watched the Solemn High Mass this morning on EWTN, which was very moving and beautiful, the best Mass that I have ever seen!! I will be attending the Solemn High Mass at a parish here in town where I am currently in seminary. After that, my friends and I are going out to celebrate the occasion, how and where doesn’t matter as much!! God bless the Holy Father!!!

  84. Josiah says:

    I woke up early,and sang matins/lauds (Liturgia horarum),the I went to a 9:30 a.m.private low mass with my brother and some friends at St.Donato’s.Tommorrow,my parish starts training the five older servers (Myself included) For the extraordinary form.Our first mass is this sunday.Our Lady of Lourdes,Overbrook,Philadelphia.

  85. Niels says:

    I was at the Missa Cantata at St. Joseph in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, celebratet by the FSSP.
    Thank You Holy Father for the Motu Proprio!!!

  86. mrs. k says:

    Solemn High Mass — Ss. Peter and Paul Mankato MN (gotta represent!)

  87. Stu says:

    Picture following our our Missa Cantata today. I’m the over sized eighth-grader in the back, right side. :)


  88. Fr Justin says:

    We’ll continue celebrating the Traditional Mass every Wednesday morning in this parish. And today, the champagne is in the fridge, the pate is on the table, the great claret is breathing gently, and I am waiting for my guest Fr Ray (who is bringing steak) for our celebration.
    We’ll also both see you on Monday, Father!

    What a wonderful Holy Father we have. Almost every day I give thanks to God for him.

  89. techno_aesthete says:

    To: Kathleen in MA
    I have to rain on your parade today, Kathleen, but a Low Mass does not include sung propers. A Low Mass can include hymns at the Offertory and Communion, but the proper and ordinary prayers are spoken, not sung. There was an earlier post on this blog about this. I realize it is probably too late to change plans for today, but don’t ever do that again. ;-)

  90. techno_aesthete says:

    Kathleen, Oops! I lost my initial post and had to retype it. I meant to start “I hate to rain …” not “I have to rain …” Mea culpa.

  91. Tim Ferguson says:

    on my way out now to dinner with some friends, after which we will be attending the Solemn High Mass this evening at Assumption Grotto, in Detroit.

  92. Kathleen says:

    techno aesthete, Talk to John Salisbury. He runs the Gregorian Chant Schola, studied chant for years with monks in Quebec. He is the one along with Frank our MC for years who advised on the Mass.
    And yes you are a kill joy!

  93. Dennis DeVito says:

    I will be attending a Traditional High Mass at St. Eugene in Yonkers, where the Pastor is offering the mass for the occasion-

  94. Mary Jane says:

    Well, it was EWTN for those of us in the Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida. I only planned to watch a few minutes because I’m not a big “Mass on TV” fan. I didn’t move from the beginning to the end. Heck – I’ll catch up on my work tonight and tomorrow. It was so splendid and the homily was excellent. When the cable feed went down, I thought I saw a cloven hoof on the edge of my screen. :) However, the picture came back and everything continued.

    My weekly radio show on the local college station featured chant, polyphony, Mozart and others in honor of the Motu Proprio and I constantly reminded my listeners that this means something for those without any interest in the Church who do love music. Composers will turn to these texts again. The repertoire will be revived. The Church builds the culture of the world and this freedom of this form will enable the building up to begin again.

    How can we thank God enough for the gift of the Holy Father!

  95. maynardus says:

    This roving New Englander who lives in Massachusetts and attends Mass in Rhode Island is currently in the Northern wilds of Vermont. Nonetheless, thanks to EWTN’s streaming video and a little wireless ingenuity we were able to watch the Solemn High Mass this morning.

    After our two high-profile SP celebrations back home (one of which included a Pontifical Low Mass in our backyard – I’m not kidding!) we are kicking back tonight with a nice dinner of grilled fish and a bottle of J. Schram which we’d been saving for such an occasion. Having grown-up in the land of Red Auerbach I also consider a cigar de rigeur. Tomorrow we return to the “People’s Republic of Massachusetts”!

    Back home our “local” parish – Holy Name in Providence – has a 7:00 Low Mass. Or maybe it will be a Missa Cantata owing to the occasion. We have been fortunate enough to have a TLM on most of the significant feast days for the past few years so this one has been scheduled for months.

    Happy Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Mass to Father and all of his loyal blogophiles!

  96. Andrew says:

    I attended a NO vernacular Mass early this morning. Afterwards, sitting in the back of the church, I recited the Rosary by myself in Latin. I rejoiced knowing that there were others, many perhaps, who could participate at solemn Latin liturgies worldwide. Deo gratias!

  97. Dear Father Harry Broers from Munstergeleen (Netherlands),

    I would like to thank you for your testimony about the motu-proprio. Deo gratias. And God bless Limbourg and all the Netherlands!

    I hope you will ally with other priests to become more militant in your aspiration for the Traditional Roman Rite Mass.

    Vergelt’s Gott!

  98. John says:

    Morning: Solemn Mass at Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville.

    Afternoon: Low Mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Birmingham.

    Now: Eating chocolate Moon Pies and watching EWTN in my motel room.

  99. Cristhian says:

    Nothing, there’s any of my priest friends that wants to celebrate the traditional mass. And also, i live in latin america, so EWTN is going to broadcast the latin mass only in the morning, and guess what…… i have to go to the school..:'(

    PS: Si hay algun panameño que sepa donde se celebra misa tradicional en la capital, favor avise a arturus0209 @ gmail.com

    If someone from panama city that knows if there are going to celebrate traditional mass, please mail arturus0209 @ gmail.com

  100. Elaine says:

    John who posted at 7:06:

    Could you tell us more about the Mass at the Birmingham Cathedral? How was Bishop Foley? What was the attendance? I’m very curious, and have not heard any reports as yet.

  101. Rafael Cresci says:

    Parish of St. Jude Thaddaeus, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Friday Sept 14th, 7pm: Missa Cantata (that happened to be in fact a Sung Mass without Choral, as the choral guys backed up just yesterday – so we improvised a 2-3 male voices plus the servers, to hold the chant and make it not a Low Mass on such a solemn ocasion).

    Saturday Sept 15th, 8:30am: Low Mass of Our Lady
    Sunday Sept 16th, 5pm: Low Mass for the ordinary Sunday

    From now on every Saturday 8:30am and Sunday 5pm and major solemnities the mass will be in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (on sundays and solemnities they will be Cantata or Solemn, solely depending on the availability of choral and clergy), and all other ferial and sunday parochial masses (Novus Ordo) will stay the same at their own already estabilished times.

  102. John says:


    To be honest, thanks to a driving rain and a longer-than-planned lunch break, I arrived at the afternoon Mass rather late. So late, in fact, that I missed a good part of the homily and can’t really comment on what the bishop had to say.

    It was a Low Mass without music or chant and was offered reverently. The only aspect that seemed awry to me was that the Leonine prayers following the Mass were not recited.

    I would estimate that the Cathedral was probably about 2/3 full (maybe a bit less, but better than I had expected).

    Unlike at the Hanceville Mass, the parishoners’ dress was a bit less formal, and only a small minority of the women there were wearing mantillas. So, unless everyone changed clothes on the drive down and left their mantillas in their cars, I suspect that these weren’t the same people who had attended the Solemn Mass this morning.

    However, just like at the Hanceville Mass, there were many young people present. In fact, from where I sat (which was close to the back) I saw several children and very few people who appeared to be over the age of 60.

    And, before anyone gives me flack, I did not receive communion after arriving to that Mass late with a full belly. :)

  103. William says:

    Elaine – I’ll fill in for John, since I also attended both the Solemn High Mass in Hanceville and the Low Mass in Birmingham (I was wondering if anyone else did that…)

    Bishop Foley and his priests did a fine job celebrating the Low Mass in Birmingham. It appeared to me that the mass servers were priests of the diocese and three more priests were in choir dress in the sanctuary with what appeared to be shiny new birettas and shiny new Angelus Press hand missals. Bishop Foley also had a suspiciously crisp purple biretta and the Altar missal also appeared new, because it wouldn’t lie flat and the server had to keep holding the pages down.

    It was obvious that everyone involved, from Bishop Foley on down, was “out of practice” but that was a mere footnote. The Cathedral in Birmingham is old and beautiful. I was really impressed by the Bishop after seeing him genuflecting so many times with was his bad knee. He made every effort. The people in attendance seemed quite attentive and interested, even though some of them wore clothes more suitable for the swimming hole at summer camp.

    In the sermon, Bishop Foley explained the sacrificial nature of the Mass and opined that the traditional mass expresses that sacrificial nature better than the new mass. Nothing was new to me, but I thought it was very good and appropriate for those in attendance, most of who probably have never seen a traditional mass before, and who may not have heard much about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    One thing that did bother me was a woman who was messing with the tabernacle before Mass and seemed to have an air of authority about her as she helped set up the altar. It reminded me of an unpleasant sight I was once unfortunate enough to witness in a parish in Atlanta.

  104. Janet says:

    I am from Birmingham, and attended the “low mass” at St. Paul’s. Bp. Foley gave a very beautiful homily, urging us all to embrace the extraordinary form of our Latin Rite. His remarks were very much from the heart, expressing his love for the silence, reverence, and beauty of the extraordinary form of the Mass.
    And I must say I admire his courage in offering this Mass with bad knees. (he’s scheduled for knee surgery within days after the installment Mass for our new Bishop on Oct. 2nd.)

    I’d opted not to take my hand missal because of the rather heavy rain, and there were no written guides at St. Paul’s Mass as there were at Hanceville earlier. So it was slightly difficult to make the correct responses.

    I’d also like to say that there needed to be a stricter dress code. Some man 3 pews ahead of me was wearing shorts! As to mantillas/veils, I saw plenty, including my own.

  105. Brian says:

    Along with perhaps 80-100 others, I attended a wonderful Solemn High Mass at Holy Rosary in Indianapolis at 7:00 this evening, a celebration which included the chanting of the Te Deum, and a final benediction following Mass with a relic of the True Cross. Thereafter we retired to a festive gathering in the parish hall.

    We were truly awake and smelling the incense as exhorted by our pastor, Msgr. Schaedel, in his editorial response to Fr. Daly a week ago. And for dessert, I am listening to a recording of Lasso’s “Missa In te Domine speravi,” sung by the Schola Cantorem of the Saint Gregory Society. Just desserts indeed for any traditional Catholic!

  106. Tony says:

    I took my mom out for her 50th birthday and ordered a 40-ounce prime rib. On a Friday?!?!?

  107. MikeL says:

    I just got home from singing at our Solemn High Mass at Assumption (Grotto) parish in Detroit. We sang the Missa Rosa Mystica by Carnevali and motets by Byrd, Victoria, Palestrina and Gounod. Propers sung by the men’s schola. Since I was busy singing, I really felt like I missed out somewhat, but I know Fr Perrone’s well-trained altar boys were in perfect synchrony and I could hear the well-chanted Epistle and Gospel (our associate pastor and another priest as sub-deacon and deacon). Fr. Perrone’s sermon was inspiring and joyful – he has waited a long time to do this Mass. We had an exceptionally good turnout, with full honors from the K of C. There was a K of C dinner after the Mass, which we skipped in favor of taking a few of the attending seminarians out to dinner where we toasted the Holy Father in gratitude (fairly liberally, I must say).

    We will be having a High Mass every Sunday at 9:30 from now on, and the daily 7:30 AM Masses will also be in usus antiquor.

  108. Bill says:

    Unfortunately, nothing. Our archbishop has pretty well made it clear that the extraordinary form is not welcome in this archdiocese. I fear the glorious promise of the motu proprio is still a faint hope in the future — perhaps when the bp reaches 75 in a couple of years. Sorry for the grouching. Seeing all the wonderful liturgies being celebrated around the country and the world, many by bishops, makes me happy, hopeful . . .and sad.

  109. techno_aesthete says:

    Dear Kathleen, knowing Gregorian chant does not necessarily mean one knows the rubrics for the 1962 Roman Missal.

    In Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal (according to the 1962 edition), Part 3, Chapter 1, it says, “The active participation of the faithful has been dealt with at greater length in the Instruction on Sacred Music and the Sacred Liturgy given by the Sacred Congregation of Rites on September 3, 1958.” You can read De Musica Sacra at http://www.unavoce.org/DeMusicaSacra-1958.html The pertinent passages are paragraph 3, paragraphs 14b, 14c and 28 through 34. You will see many occurrences of the words “recite” and “say aloud” when describing the actions of the faithful at a low Mass, but you will only see “sing” when referring to hymns which are appropriate to the various parts of the Mass.

    As I mentioned in my previous reply, Fr. Z. had an earlier post that dealt with this. You can read the comments at Help a WDTPRS reader with music at LOW Mass in the Usus Antiquior.

  110. Boston_Trad says:

    Techno_aesthete, we in Boston sin TWICE. BOTH Low Masses (at Holy Trinity and at St. Columbkille) had parats of the ordinary that were sung.

    I attended only the Mass at Holy Trinity. The Kyrie, Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei were sung. This has been the custom at some Low Masses at Holy Trinity since the indult was instituted there in 1990. Other music for the Mass at Holy Trinity included
    Prelude: “O Maria, Gnadenvolle” (Traditional, this was in German), and “Acclamation from ‘A Christmas Tableau in Five Settings'” (George Krim, our music director emeritus, who attended and played the organ for two of the pieces)
    Processional Hymn: “Lift High the Cross”
    Offertory Anthem: “Laudate Dominum” (Caspar Ett)
    Communion Motet: “Ave Verum” (J. A. Korman)
    Recessional Hymn: “Gott Vater! Sei gepriesen” (Holy Trinity Hymn; sung in German)

    Mass was followed by veneration of a relic of the True Cross. After that, we thanked Fr. McInnis for coming and told him to come back any time. (I heard that he was nervous, but his Latin was excellent and sermon solid.)

    By the way, the two Masses in Boston drew about 280 people (120 at Holy Trinity and 160 at St. Columbkille) – on a Friday night which was also the night of a big Red Sox – Yankees game. This is a little more than the usual attendance at the weekly indult Mass (250). SO MUCH FOR CARDINAL SEAN’S CLAIM THAT “IN NEW ENGLAND, INTEREST IS VERY LOW” in the extraordinary form. By the way, I heard that seven seminarians from the nearby St. John’s Seminary attended Mass at St. Columbkille’s and want the celebrant to offer first Saturday Mass for them at the Seminary.

    My celebration also included watching the Mass on EWTN (I would like a transcript of Fr. Goodwin’s sermon, please) and going out to dinner after the Mass at Holy Trinity (good house Chianti at Bocelli’s). Of course, as is fitting for the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, I had some sufferings to offer because the Red Sox bullpen coughed up a five run lead to the Yankees! Mother of Sorrows, have pity on the Sox (and on the rest of us)!

  111. Fr. Michael Darcy says:

    To: Fr. Z
    From: Fr. Michael Darcy, Diocese of Wilmington, DE
    Re: St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

    I had the privilege of celebrating the Mass according the Missal of 1962 at the Altar of Pope St. Leo the Great in St. Peter’s Basilica on the morning of September 14th. I had no difficulties whatsoever. FYI BYOM BYOM BYOB = BYOM^2 BYOB (translation: BYO Maniple, Missale Romanum, and Burse). I entered the sacristy, displayed my celebrit (it was hardly looked at), and asked for the vecchio rito. I was asked if I had my own Missal and I replied yes (it was not an actual 1962 but 1960 with corrections) so I was concerned about this, but it was not inspected and I was treated very finely. It was an absolutely glorious experience. Thank you for all your fine work.

    Fr. Michael Darcy
    691 Garfield Parkway
    Bethany Beach, DE 19930
    302-981-4719 (cell)

  112. Paul Mac says:

    Anyone else noticed the new “high cross” erected in the sanctuary at Fatima? Friend of mine on the spot describes it as a “stick insect” and says it is actually frightening children. I would say it denies Our Lord’s humanity. Absolutely awful!

  113. techno_aesthete says:

    Boston Trad, why don’t you just have a Missa Cantata? You are closer to that than a low Mass.

  114. JS says:

    Of course, the largest Mass of the Summorum Pontificum weekend in New England was in Nashua, NH – at St Patrick, on Sunday, Sept 16. First TLM in 40 years for an enthusiastic Fr Kelly, and 600 people in the congregation. Plans were announced for regular Public Masses on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, though that may be bumped up, given the demand.


    Another follows at Immaculate Conception, Portsmouth, NH on Sunday, Sept 23 at 11:00

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