Bp. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph pontificates!

Here is a nice shot of the Bishop of Kansas City, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert W. Finn.  I have written about him on various occasions.  Here is the last time WDTPRS mentioned him.  He had a kind and positive statement about the Motu Proprio.

Someone sent me nice photos.  Enjoy!

I am so happy when this generous spirit is extended to people who have suffered for so long.

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  1. John Spangler says:

    The photo didn’t post, Father, just a long white space.

    Was it you that I spotted in the choro in the pictures of the Brompton Oratory Mass? It looked like a magnificent offering of Holy Mass.

  2. Diane says:

    Not only did the pic not post, neither did the words of Bishop Finn.

    He is one awesome bishop. I’ve been following him for quite some time.

  3. Well – it kind of posted, but all as one line of HTML gobbldy-gook.

    Here is a cleaned up version of the text, but the photo is still on Fr’s e-mail acct it looks like. He’ll need to upload it somewhere else I think – unless he wants to give us his login info!! :)

    Hey Father Z! Thought I’d send you a couple pix of Bishop Finn’s Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Kansas City. (Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph) It was a "bishop’s low Mass". The first pic shows him at the throne in Cappa Magna before vesting. He was assisted by priests of the ICKSP. The Cathedral was packed and all in all it was a great success. It was the first time HE Bishop Finn celebrated the EF.

  4. It was a Mass of tremendous beauty!
    God Bless Bishop Finn!
    BTW, it seems His Excellency has finally added the (traditional) confessionals and stations of the Cross to the Cathedral! These also are objects of noble beauty. Oddly, no such provisions were made in the latest renovation.

  5. craig says:

    Yes it was an incredible morning. Being a member of the Cathedral Parish, I can tell you first hand just how strongly Bishop Finn cares for his flock.

    The Confessionals are outstanding, two of them, with two confessionals in each, one has the face to face option. Previously we had a large Reconciliation Room, we still use that with one of our priests who is recovering from anemia. That room is slowly being turned into a private devotional area, how that will work is yet to be seen.

    Our stations are magnificent. They are just beautiful. There is still some discussion on how they are mounted, but hey, at least they are up in the main church rather than in a corner of the chapel.

    KansasCityCatholic has some great photos up on his blog if you would like to see more. My shots were rather poor, and all of scenery since I was recruited to usher, take up collection and other various background roles.

    Everyone that helped, thank you. We would love to have you come pray with us, anyday. With the oratory and Cathedral just blocks apart, we should strive to work together to meet the needs of the urban population.

  6. Michael says:

    More information and photos of the mass can be found here.


    The Cathedral was packed to standing room only. The bishop even ran out of consecrated hosts during communion.

  7. Anthony says:

    I was there. The Mass was amazing.

  8. Augustinus says:

    Haven’t heard of any UK bishop marking the MP on Friday. Now there’s a surprise.

  9. It was an absolutely beautiful Mass, and i was quite surprised at how many people showed up. It was a wonderful opportunity of thanksgiving for freedom. I have posted several more pictures on my blog which link back to more of these photos on my Flickr service. Enjoy!


  10. Geri says:

    In my area we are not particular about registering at the parish in whose geographic boundries one lives.
    Wonder what canon law says about registering in a DIOCESE where you don’t really live….
    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

  11. joe says:

    It’s always a great consolation to see a Bishop represent the Catholic wing of the Catholic Church.


  12. Danby says:

    My family and I have been registered in a neighboring diocese for 8 years. It’s 70 miles for us to go to Mass, but it’s worth it. I haven’t heard anything negative about it at all, either from our old parish or the new one.

  13. Frogprof says:

    I went there with three non-Catholics and a lapsed Catholic. One of my guests (non-Catholic) cried during the Mass. It was beautiful.

  14. Matthew Mattingly says:

    Awesome photos, including the Bishop wearing the cappa magna. Excellent. I have noticed that it is the younger bishops who are bringing back things like the cappa magna, episcopal saturno (violet hat), and even the cappa magna with ermine capuche. The older bishops (60+) tend to avoid such expressions of Catholicism and traditional vesture.
    The Mass at the Cathedral was magnificent by the photos.
    Oour parish was renovated (completed last month). To everyone’s surprise except those in the know….the work (begun in Sept., 2006), included a restored high altar, and 2 new Confessionals. The “Reconcilliation Room” is gone!!!! Alleluia !!! It’s back to real confessionals. Made of wood and carved in Italy.
    As of Septemer 25, gone too are the aged crew of 3 Sisters of St. Joseph serving as “Liturgical Ministers” The new pastor sacked them after they were formenting ill will in the parish against the Motu Proprio etc. He gently but forcefully asked them to leave!! The SSJ nuns are recalling them reluctantly back to the Motherhouse. Aged 71, 69 and 64, they were very radical, and pushed every liberal cause when they ran the show under the old pastor, a priest in his late 60’s. Our new pastor, 44, is disinclined very strongly to allow what the old pastor supported. The new man (as of June, 2006), is traditionalist without being “Lebevrist”.
    Times are changing for the better, even if it’s too slow for many.
    Now if only Archbishop Piero Marini would be given the Papal boot to a new job, that would really send us cheering. Maybe this week.

  15. Ale says:

    great images…
    And have you seen the pictures of the celebration in Loreto (Italy) with Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos?


  16. Reader says:

    Does anyone know if some of the seminarians from Conception Seminary College, which is located in that diocese attended? If so, were they allowed to wear choir dress?

  17. Local seminarians were, in fact, present, and attended in choir dress.

  18. Would Fr. Z. or Fr. Pederson, or somebody else here with the proper knowledge care to comment on the practice of vesting the M.C. (a simple priest) and the server who bore the Cappa Magna (a seminarian) in the choir dress of monsignori? Is this proper (may aim is not to criticize but to be able to explain this practice to others.

  19. My understanding is that it is allowable for an MC to wear the amaranth choir cassock with surplice. And the Cappa Magna bearer also wears monsignor choir cassock. However, instead of the mantellone he is wearing, he should technically wear the black ferraoilo because he is carrying the cappa magna of a bishop and not a cardinal. I’m not an expert on these things, but this was my understanding.

  20. Christopher says:

    I also attended this beautiful liturgy and Bishop Finn did a Great job for hist first Extraordinary Mass

    I have additional photos as well at my blog


    God Bless

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