Bp. of Portsmouth deep sixes Q&A piece

I got this by e-mail from a reader.

Dear all,

I have been told that Bishop Hollis, of the Portsmouth diocese, has pulled the
Q&A piece written by Paul Inwood.  It will now not be published in the
diocesan newspaper, the Portsmouth People.
  Deo Gratias!

Thank you for your prayers and responses in this time.  If you did write to
the Bishop, it might be helpful to write again in thanks.
  I was informed he
was genuinely unaware of the contents of the Q&A until the whole thing blew
up in his face.  The blogosphere certainly seems to have worked this time!

Okay, folks, if you wrote to Bishop Hollis, write again with thanks.

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  1. John Kearney says:

    I would love to thank the Bishop but I have lived in the Portsmouth Diocese for too long.

  2. I second Mr Kearney.

    Please, recognise a fall guy when you see one. How do you think the rotten status quo has survived for so long in this diocese.

  3. Henry Edwards says:

    Is this why Catholics can’t sing?
    by Damian Thompson

    ” I’m learning interesting things about the powerful subculture of ageing trendies who control Catholic worship in many dioceses. Paul Inwood, the Portsmouth “director of liturgy” who wants to ban churchgoers from asking for the traditional Mass, turns out be a composer by trade. Indeed, he is the composer of many of the mind-blowingly banal ditties that the English bishops have been forcing on congregations for years. And he makes a jolly nice living out of it. …..”

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