Tridentinsk mässa: Bp. of Stockholm on Summorum Pontificum

The Bishop of Stockholm, Sweden, Most Reverend Anders Arborelius O.C.D., is weighing in about the provisions of Summorum Pontificum.  The statement is very brief.

My emphases.


The Tridentine Mass

Following Summorum pontificum, the “motu proprio” that Pope Benedict XVI issued 7 July 2007 regarding the celebration of the Tridentine Mass in the form approved by Blessed John XXIII, I have been looking into ways of organizing the celebration of this form of Mass in our Diocese. With this “motu proprio”, the Holy Father wishes to strengthen unity in the Church and to confirm a rich liturgical and spiritual tradition which has to be preserved. In our Diocese, with all its different rites and languages used for celebrating Mass, there is already liturgical diversity, and there should therefore be no surprise at the Mass of Blessed John XXIII being celebrated more frequently in the future. I am very grateful that priests from the Institute of Christ the King have visited our Diocese regularly in order to celebrate this Mass. They have expressed their commitment to continuing doing so and also showed themselves willing to assist and instruct those diocesean priests interested in learning to say Mass in this form. My intention is thus to extend the celebration of this Mass in the three cities where it currently takes place: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö/Lund. As soon as schedules have been established, the details will be announced publically.

I would also like to thank the Association to the Memory of Cardinal Dante, for taking great care in fostering this liturgical tradition and Father Wilhelm Feussner, SJ, who for some time has been serving as contact person for the Diocese in this regard.

Stockholm 07.09.07                            + Anders Arborelius O.C.D.

 Nota Bene: The Institute of Christ the King is in Sweden helping out. 

I have this wry image of a race on the part of the FSSP and the ICK to the doors of different chanceries and episcopal residences, along the lines of, say, that old movie, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, or, The Great Race.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    May this lead to the reconversion of Sweden and the Nordic lands.

  2. David M.O'Rourke says:

    It is surely a blessing to have both the FSSP and ICRP ready to take on the broadened ministry which the Holy Father has provided them. But of course every Religious Community has it’s own character. It seems to me that the ICRP has a richer ceremonial e.g. Bishops pontificating for the ICRP always wear FULL Pontificals literally from head to toe. I also get the impression that while both Communities supply a solid formation the ICRP seem to be a bit ahead. Maybe it’s just the irreplaceable and highly educated Msgr. Schmitz.

    I emphasize that these are only impressions on my part but I can’t help wondering if anyone else has the same impression or is it only me.

    And finally, Father Z (which in Canada is ZED,)I am concerned lest my comments about these to fine Communities should occasion an unseemly squabble on this site. If you judge that this is a danger then please remove this comment.

  3. Tim H says:

    Excellent! Bs. Arborelius impresses me more every time I hear him. The People of Sweden are truly blessed to have such a good, holy, wise, and humble bishop.

  4. jmgarciaiii says:

    I’d like to also point out what a blessing it is for the Church to still have Jesuits like Fr. Feussner!



  5. Marcus says:

    I was very fortunate to live and work in Gothenburg not so long ago. I was not aware of Traditional Mass being available there – I assume at Christ the King Cathedral (which was, by the way, built away from the old city center to replace St. Joseph’s Cathedral, which was torn down in 1975, I think, to make way for a giant shopping mall and hotel complex (in which I stayed often).

    Anyway, the Cathedral services had good attendance, but the congregation seemed to be of foreigners (like me) and little old Swedish ladies. The music was INCREDIBLE, in my opinion. It’s hard to beat those old Scandinavian hymns. Not understanding a lick of Swedish, I often attended an English-language Mass clear across the river in a Lutheran church on Sunday afternoon, where a priest may or may not show up. I never understood that whole deal.

    I think Sweden will be a tough nut to crack – they are very, very nice people, but are largely entranced by their own worldly success. It will definitely be the work of the Spirit.

  6. Thank you Father – you gave me a mental image that made me giggle – a bunch of clerics running around in their cassocks, birretum and soturnos racing accross scandinavia in motor cars, motor bikes with side cars and hot air baloons…

    And Sweden needs this badly. The culture there is one of dutifully applied modernism. But every time I hear about Sweden, I hear about a small and faithful and growing remnant that – small though they may be – is dutifully standing up to be counted in their adherence to the Catholic faith and its contradistinctions to the wider culture.

  7. Jon K says:

    I agree with Mr. O´Rourke. More than words couls convey.

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