Happy 232nd Birthday Marine Corps!

To all the Marines out there, present and past, thank you and Happy Birthday!

Tonight I will drink a 1775 Punch in your honor. 


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  1. Don Taylor says:

    God bless our Marines.

  2. danphunter1 says:

    “If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heavens scenes,
    They will find the streets are gaurded by the United States Marines”
    Here’s to Tun Tavern and the original recruiting drive.
    Semper Fi!

  3. Marc Audette says:

    Semper Fidelis! I term I hope all Catholics learn!!

    Father, were you in the Corp?

    God Bless your work,

    Marc Audette

  4. Semper fi in Christ. God bless you all!!!

    Happy Birthday Marines!!!

  5. Andy Lucy says:

    Hooah! From a former Army grunt to all of the jarheads.

    BTW, Fr Z, we Army folks will expect a post of this type on the US Army’s birthday, June 14. lol

    And a congratulatory note on Dec 1st would also be nice, after Army sinks Navy in “The Game.”

    God bless

  6. momof7 says:

    Happy Birthday Devil Dogs.. ERRRRR..

    From a USMC Wife (ret.)

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