Writing to the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei”: some tips


Damien Thompson posted about writing to Rome about how some prelates are seeking to stonewall Summorum Pontificum. It deserves some attention.  If this applies to the UK, it applies elsewhere!  Read his piece and, if you think it is proper to write… and be prudent about that… check back here for my tips on how to write to the Commission.

Write to Rome in support of the Pope

Posted by Damian Thompson on 28 Nov 2007  at 14:49

I’ve just written a letter to the senior Vatican cardinal in charge of the Pope’s liberation of the Latin Mass, complaining about the English bishops’ disastrous attempts to block the reform. I urge you all to do the same – there isn’t any time to lose.

Here are good tips for writing to the P.C. "Ecclesia Dei" (or any other office of the Vatican) and an address:



  • BE BRIEF. Make your letter no longer than one side of one sheet of paper.
  • Avoid writing long-hand.  Make it easy to read.
  • Include relevant documents: Vatican dicasteries can’t act solely on the basis of Mrs. Joe Bagofdonuts’s description of events.  The best thing you can do is send concrete evidence, printed.  If someone wrote and distributed something, send a copy.
  • If you have relevent past correspondence, such as previous responses from priests or bishops, send copies.
  • Do not tell them their job!  Don’t quote canons, blah blah, as if they didn’t know them already.  Leave the incredibly obvious unsaid.
  • Do not engage in character assassination.  State FACTS with as little editorializing as possible.  Blathering on and on about how "disobedient" priests or bishops are will not strengthen your case.  State facts. They will know if they are disobedient.
  • If you must talk about your feelings, keep it incredibly short, and do not be mean-spirited. If something made you sad or angry, okay, say it, but don’t DWELL on it.  The nastier you are, the weaker your letter will be.
  • At the end thank the one you are writing to for his service, and promise your prayers.  And mean it.

In summary, be brief, send evidence, leave out the obvious, don’t vent.

His Eminence
Dario Card. Castrillon Hoyos
President of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei"
Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio

If you want to know why I think these are good tips, I worked at the P.C. "Ecclesia Dei" for some time. 

This is personal experience.

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