Good developments at Holy Ghost Church in Tiverton, RI

I had a nice piece of news from Fr. Jay Finelli, of Holy Ghost Church in Tiverton, RI. 

Here is part of what he wrote to me. 

Today was the first celebration of the TLM in my parish.  It was a  noon Mass for the anniversary celebration of a local pro-life group.  

Since I am not yet prepared to celebrate the TLM, it was celebrated by Fr. Thomas Kocik

Once I am ready, Fr. Kocik and I will alternate with a monthly celebration and if the need is greater expand. 

I have included some pictures if you would like to use them on your website.


Notice how they used kneelers to create a kind of altar rail.

You can see at the website photos of the work done on the church. Check the galleries.

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  1. Maria says:

    Yea Dominicans!

    “Notice how they used kneelers to create a kind of altar rail.”–At San Pietro Apostolo in Albano near Rome, they had one prie-dieu set in front of the priest distributing Communion, so that one could easily and almost by instinct kneel for Communion and rise quickly afterward, but without a mandate to kneel or stand. For parishes that can’t do altar rails of any sort (or want to be subtle) it seemed like a great approach.

  2. Chris Peschel says:

    Rumor has it, there was also a bishop in attendance at this mass, who sat in the back of the Church with a desire to learn the extraordinary form. (He didn’t have choir dress with him)

  3. Henry Edwards says:

    Notice how they used kneelers to create a kind of altar rail.

    This is often done, but I have not recently seen a church — whether recently built or a wreckovated older one — that did not, in effect, have an altar rail.

    That is, the front pew in almost every church has some kind of rail or separator in front of it, if only for people to rest their arms on when kneeling.

    This makes an adequate communion rail. And is more convenient to use than lugging kneelers in before a TLM (and back out afterwards). Which is what we did in a church where I saw a new TLM started — for a couple of Sundays until we noticed the built-in “front pew” communion rail (whether intended as such or not).

  4. Fr. Thomas Kocik says:

    The rumor is true. An auxiliary bishop was in attendance, though not “in choro.” Likewise, the pastor.

  5. Father Kocik, would that be Abp. Pearce? Sorry I was forced to miss out working with you last Saturday, btw.

  6. It was Bishop Francis Xavier Roque. Bishop Roque retired from the military and resides and assists in our diocese. A truly wonderful man!

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