The Bishop of Rome

Papa Ratzinger, His Holiness Rome’s Bishop is… well… acting like a bishop.

He burys the dead, namely his "hinge-men", Cardinals, who are of the clergy of Rome. 

He consecrates altars in new churches.

He meets the folks.


He wears duds which properly identify who he is.


He blesses stuff.


He wears many hats.

He does paper work.

He prays.



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  1. “Hinge-men” had me laughing.

    Gotta love il Papa.

    (BTW, who is that on the right in the “He blesses stuff” picure?)

  2. RichR says:

    Nice collage. Thank you for the beautiful photos, Fr.

  3. Jason in San Antonio says:

    What a delightsome post.

  4. Deacon Eric says:

    Thanks for those photos. I especially like the one showing him dedicating an altar in a parish church. What a great way to show him as Bishop of Rome. I’d love to see more like that!

    In the line of showing the Holy Father as a bishop, I’ve often wondered about one point that you might be able to explain. Why is he not flanked by two deacons as are all other bishops in their stational liturgies? In photos of papal ceremonies, I see him sitting flanked by two MCs, and deacons seem to appear sort of out of nowhere to read/sing the Gospel or hold the chalice, only to be whisked away immediately thereafter.

    Must be some papal protocol I’m not aware of. I wonder what St. Sixtus II and St. Lawrence would think of that!

  5. Guy Power says:

    Fr. Z:
    He meets the folks….
    He wears duds which properly identify who he is.

    Obviously Franco Zefferelli just doesn’t get the picture!!

    “Zeffirelli told La Stampa newspaper that the Pope communicated in a cold way that was little suited to what was happening around him.

    “These are not times for high tailoring in papal vestments, he said.”

    But then he nails his own coffin:

    “I know [Joseph] Ratzinger personally,” he added, using the German-born pope’s name before he became pontiff.

    “He is very attentive to the importance of how the sacred is represented.”

    So why would HH Benedict XVI want *your* makeover?


  6. danphunter1 says:

    Long live the Pope!

  7. techno_aesthete says:

    Roman Sacristan, on the right of the picture is Cardinal Ruini. If you’re asking the name of the gentleman on the Pope’s right, I don’t know.

    Vivat Benedictus XVI! Ad multos annos!

  8. Geri says:

    Zefferelli’s suggestion seems to be for a sort of Queer Eye for the Holy Guy…

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

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