The Philippines and the TLM

This is rather interesting!

The entire Philippine Somaschan community has decided to learn how to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass according to the Missal of 1962!

Fr. Abraham Arganiosa CRS, who started this move, reports the development in his blog.

Good news doesn’t stop coming in for us in the Philippines.

Last Saturday morning, A Missa Cantata was sung at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Diocese of Cubao; despite the early hour (4:00 AM), more than a hundred people attended. (You can see pictures of TLM in the cathedral — one of the most beautiful in the Philippines — here).

Finally, this morning, we just had Metro Manila’s first Pontifical Tridentine Mass since 1970! For nearly an hour afterwards, the faithful mobbed the celebrant, Bishop Camilo Gregorio, kissing his ring, asking for his blessing, bringing forward their babies (yup, lots of young couples attended the Mass) and asking him to autograph their Missals. The faithful were extremely grateful to have a Bishop do this after nearly 4 decades.

Reports of Masses being scheduled or planned here and there are also coming in.

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  1. K.M. says:

    So much for the argument that the TLM appeals only to European or western Catholics.
    (a presumption sometimes attributed to the Bishop of Tokyo during the Second Vatican
    Council, who argued that a Latin Mass would appeal less to non-Europeans). The
    opposite seems to be true: the TLM was the means used to convert millions to the
    faith, including in much of the Americas. The TLM is universal in time, space, and

  2. dark_coven says:

    The above comment is quite true.

    For information about the spread of Traditional Latin Mass and Traditional movement in Manila, Philippines, visit

  3. paul says:

    This is good news. Bishop Camilo Gregorio was our bishop in Bacolod City (Philippines) in the 90’s in my high school days. I think he was appointed to stem the tide of communism infiltrating the ranks of the clergy. Bishop Camilo was well loved by the people of Bacolod: he is good looking and you always see him smiling. So I am not surprised if he is also mobbed by parishioners in Cubao. I am glad that he is now celebrating the pontifical Tridentine mass in Cubao. I’ll attend his pontifical mass and tell my family in Bacolod about the good news :)

  4. Franciscus says:

    Deo Gratias!

    At least I know if I go back to the old country, there will be very reverent Masses… as luckily I have been given in said old country – one of the things I miss the most coming to Ameria.

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