Fr. Z update from Rome

Folks, I have had hideously bad internet access during this week here in the Eternal City.  As a result I have been unable even to get a lot of my e-mail… and I get a LOT of e-mail.

If you have written with items of interest, I will surely be able to pick them up when I get out of the accursed internet black hole I am in because of the ridiculously backward looking policies of the Holy See’s internet office.

I should have t-shirts, hats and mugs printed for those folks:


In any event, I will be better connected soon, I hope.  I head back to the UK on Tuesday evening. 

Please, Lord… let there be internet access in the UK.  If there is, I promise to be good.

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  1. A.Williams says:

    Why doesn’t the Pope just give you a red hat with complete control over the Vatican Internet and get it over with! Pope Benedict: “Internet problems solved…now where were we?…Oh yeah, those Dawgone Jesuits!!”

  2. LCB says:

    Only if we get Ecclesia Dei shirts reading, “YESTERDAY’S LITURGY TOMORROW!”

  3. Fr. N says:

    LCB – I think our t-shirts might say something like “Jesus,the same
    yesterday, today and forever” And if anything is “yesterday” it may more likely be the liturgy of just the last few decades. It is, of course, valid despite it’s “youth”, but I believe there is something to be said for the liturgy of centuries of “yesterdays”.
    The so-called “Extraordinary Form” was sacred then, is sacred now, and will be sacred forever.

  4. LCB says:

    Fr. N,

    Fitting all that on a T-Shirt would be hard.

  5. Geoffrey says:

    Is this poor Internet in the Vatican itself, or throughout all Rome?

  6. Lorenzo says:

    It is throughout Italy, and other services are comparable…….

  7. Henry Edwards says:

    ….. policies of the Holy See’s internet office.

    Including “Never on Sunday”?

  8. RBrown says:

    Rome can be frustrating, but La Cucina Romana can be very consoling.

  9. I have found my Internet access in England recently very slow and unreliable….

  10. I have found my Internet access in England recently very slow and unreliable….

  11. Hidden One says:

    Yesterday’s Mass Today, Yesterday’s Technology Tomorrow. ;)

  12. Pistor says:

    my favorite is one the Orthodox have:

    ORTHODOXY: Preaching the truth since 33 AD.

    somehow I have a feeling we had a part to play in that…. :-)

  13. Michael says:

    Yeah, and we know enough to say “A.D. 33”.

  14. Fr. N says:

    Wanna bet. Give me your shirt size, font preference and address. God bless.

  15. Dove says:

    Poor Fr. Z. I guess if the internet is that bad we shouldn’t complain too much about the Vatican Radio English commentary on the EWTN Masses. Incidentally, the Ash Wed commentary was done by some male who did less chitchat, but who was reading-challenged. Oh well, lucky we get it at all.

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