Good TLM news in WV

I got this news via e-mail from JM of WV.   My emphases and comments.

Father Z,

I wanted to make you aware that good progress is being made in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  

I wrote you a few months ago and indicated that our pastor graciously allowed a priest from FSSP to celebrate a monthly Low Mass.  The first Mass was a success and subsequent Masses are also well attended (for this area at least; usually 50-60 people).  Our pastor also attended the FSSP workshops on the Low Mass and will start offering them himself (after sufficient practice on his own).  

But that’s just the start.  [But wait!  There’s more!]

At Mass last Sunday, he made an announcement before Mass began.  The plan is to have a weekly sung TLM starting on Easter.  Apparently, he’s really behind this initiative that some dedicated laity put before him.  Fr. has the voice for a sung Mass, and (apparently) the choir has been practicing (on the sly) for this eventuality.  I guess Fr. didn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up if the choir wasn’t going to materialize.  But it looks like it’s a go.

Anyway, things are looking up.

Great news!  I hope to have some good reports of what is going on. 

Thanks for that, JM!

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  1. Christopher Mandzok says:

    If only my (former) parish priest was so loving.

  2. JM says:


    hopefully, much prayer can help with the situation.

    Fr. Z,

    I will be very happy to provide updates (and possibly pictures).

    All for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

  3. Arieh says:

    What towm in West Virginia is this? I live in Ohio right on the WV border.

  4. Dob says:

    Christopher, my thoughts exactly. I keep praying for my priests and Bishop. Please God it will bear fruit.

  5. EJ says:

    I too would be very interested in knowing where exactly in WV (if possible). Each time I visit my brother and his family in the Clarksburg, WV area (NE region of the state) I have had to endure the liturgical gulags. The parish in their particular town commits some of the worst liturgical abuses I’ve ever witnessed. Any nearby TLM would be welcome news to the faithful there, and could alleviate some real spiritual suffering.

  6. JM says:

    To those posting about WV, I’m sorry to say that you’re on the opposite side of the state. The parish is St. James the Greater in Charles Town. We’re about 75 miles NW of Washington DC.

    Clarksburg, WV and Ohio are about 4 and 6 hours respectively. I do know that there used to be a TLM in the Sacred Heart co-cathedral in Charleston (the capital and not Charles TOWN where I attend). Yes, our entire state is one big diocese with a Cathedral and Co-Cathedral.

    I can only comment on some of the parishes in my diocese. The liturgical abuses I’ve witnessed are truly egregious (not as bad as “clown” Masses).

    Anyway, I’ll keep the updates and comments coming.

  7. TJM says:

    But, but, liberals said NO ONE wants this. How can this be. Deo Gratias! Keep the good news coming, Father Z! Tom

  8. Peter Karl T. Perkins says:

    Is this a reference to Fr. Grassi at Parsons and at Thomas, W. Va., or to Fr. Brian Owens at Charles Town? In my work to assist Mr. Schwalm, I am in frequent contact with both of them. Fr. Owens recently told me the is going away to learn Spanish for a month and hopes to begin his 1962 Latin Masses in May or June.


  9. JM says:

    This is in reference to Fr. Owens. He attended the class for the Low Mass, but not the Sung Mass at this point. There is a priest from the FSSP who is studying in DC who has graciously offered his assistance in getting our EF Masses going.

    At this point, I’m not sure who will be celebrating the sung Masses, but the information from last Sunday indicated that (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) we’d have a weekly sung Mass after Easter.

    On another note, I’m not surprised to hear Fr. Grassi’s name when speaking of the TLM either. He did his deaconship at our former parish and I was impressed with his holiness in one so relatively young.

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