Where you are!

In the last few minutes or so, people have checked in from all over the world.  Here is a snapshot of these last few minutes.  The places are usually approximations.  I cut out those that simply say "United States" or "Unknown".  If you don’t see your own town mentioned, it could be that the software just couldn’t determine where you were.

Appleton, Wisconsin
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylv…
Chicago, Illinois
South Bend, Indiana
Toronto, Ontario
Salinas, California
Holy See (Vatican City State)
Dresden, Maine
Tangier, Virginia
South Orange, New Jersey
Norfolk, Virginia
Windsor, Ontario
Dallas, Texas
Winter Park, Florida
Hinsdale, Illinois
Beckley, West Virginia
New York
Sviland, Rogaland
Los Angeles, California
Jaslo, Krosno
Alexandria, Virginia
Atlanta, Georgia
Sacramento, California
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Buenos Aires, Distrito …
Wellesley, Massachusetts
Notre Dame, Indiana
Banco, Virginia
Lake Oswego, Oregon
San Diego, California
Mellen, Wisconsin
Mc Lean, Virginia
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Boston, Massachusetts
California, Missouri
Vienna, Wien
Denton, Nebraska
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Los Angeles, California
Nashville, Tennessee
Washington, District of…
Holy See (Vatican City State)
Cleveland, Ohio
Carouge, Geneve
Chicago, Illinois
Hopeland, Pennsylvania
Memphis, Tennessee
Galveston, Texas
Jamaica, New York
Hamme, Oost-Vlaanderen
Carencro, Louisiana
Skien, Telemark
Washington, District of…
Randall, Minnesota
Omaha, Nebraska
Portland, Oregon
Flint, Michigan
Rome, Lazio
Delafield, Wisconsin
Claypool, Indiana
Vancouver, Washington
Little Falls, New Jersey
Oakham, Rutland
Canton, Ohio
North Olmsted, Ohio
Boise, Idaho
Newton Grove, North Car…
Garden Grove, California
Trenton, New Jersey
Capitola, California
Chapel Hill, North Caro…
Tuscola, Illinois
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb
Closter, New Jersey
Somerville, Massachusetts
Chestnut Hill, Massachu…
Korea, Republic of
York, Pennsylvania
Newton, Massachusetts
Norfolk, Virginia
Balloch, West Dunbarton…
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Central Islip, New York
Tangier, Virginia
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Pennington, New Jersey
Surgoinsville, Tennessee
Hamden, Connecticut
Crooked Tree
Herentals, Antwerpen
Katy, Texas
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Markham, Ontario
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Fairfax, Virginia
Markham, Ontario
Clovis, California
New York
Washington, District of…
Worcester, Worcestershire
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ljubljana, Bohinj
Los Angeles, California
Houston, Texas
Jasper, Alabama
Warsaw, Warszawa
Silver Spring, Maryland
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lawrence, Kansas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Rognac, Provence-Alpes-…
Peterborough, Ontario
Washington, District of…
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Princeton, New Jersey
Washington, District of…
Merrill, Wisconsin
Seaham, Durham
Conception, Missouri
Media, Pennsylvania
Saint Louis, Missouri
Warsaw, Warszawa
San Francisco, California
Boston, Massachusetts
Bladensburg, Maryland
College Station, Texas
Eaglesham, Alberta
Wichita, Kansas
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Louisville, Kentucky
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Potsdam, New York
Buffalo, New York
Maysville, North Carolina
Denton, Texas
Athens, Georgia
Stanford, California
Leavenworth, Kansas
San Diego, California
Washington, District of…
Caloocan, Quezon City
Washington, District of…
Raleigh, North Carolina
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Genova, Liguria
San Diego, California
Mission, Kansas
Newton Grove, North Car…
Paraaque, Rizal
Jacksonville, Florida
Holy See (Vatican City State)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
London, London, City of

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10 Responses to Where you are!

  1. dark_coven says:

    Hello Father,

    I’m from Parañaque, but it’s no longer part of Rizal, rather it was already integrated to the Metropolitan Manila area. I’m sure there are other Filipino and Asian Catholics here.

    Instavrare Omnia In Christo,

  2. Albert Smith says:

    Great news from Belfast Ireland – we just had a TLM Missa Cantata in St Pauls at 1 pm April 6. said by Fr Martin Graham who is a local priest from St Malachy’s Belfast. It was actually advertised in some parish bullitins. please pray that it become reqular.


  3. SC says:

    Fr Z,
    Pretty cool to have two people checking in online from the Vatican!
    I feel very small, but happily-connected!

  4. JML says:

    Fr. Z

    The Vatican? Could The Black Biretta’s little ditty be coming true??

  5. Kradcliffe says:

    I finally made one of these lists! :)

  6. Prof. Basto says:

    Holy See (Vatican City State)

    The Apostolic Desktop!!!

  7. Hoka2_99 says:

    I wasn’t on the list, probably because I was watching Father John Corapi telling it how it is! His latest series is “Come home to the Catholic Church” and he doesn’t speak to the faint-hearted.
    My desktop is not in the Apostolic Palace or even the Vatican – though I’m trying to work out how I can get a job there!
    Greetings from my desktop where it is – Somerset, England [home of several of the forty English martyrs]

  8. Melody says:

    Is there anyone here in So. Cal who is thinking of going on Father Z’s pilgrimage to Rome who is interested in forming a caravan of sorts? I would like to go, but getting to New York is quite a challenge for a young woman traveling alone.
    My email is praisedivinemercy@yahoo.com

  9. berenike says:

    This is off-topic – but I’ve tried to pick a comments box on a less weighty post, so hope no-one minds.

    Offers for Say the Black, Do the Red latine? I have been pondering, but am a rank amateur.

    If this has already come up, I apologise – I did try googling.

  10. berenike says:

    This is off-topic – but I\’ve tried to pick a comments box on a less weighty post, so hope no-one minds.

    Offers for Say the Black, Do the Red latine? I have been pondering, but am a rank amateur.

    If this has already come up, I apologise – I did try googling.

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