Danger: liturgical potato Solemn TLM?

I think we have all come to the conclusion that just when you think you have seen every liturgical abuse, you haven’t even begun to see what dopey things people can come up with.

For example, the recent "Potato head" puppet Mass at the Call To Action meeting in San Jose, CA.

This sort of thing is scandalous.  I can just imagine that all sorts of liturgical terrorists will want Potato Head Masses too!

But this is not going to happen on His Hermeneuticalness’s watch, I assure you.

Can you imagine….

At St Mary’s, Chislehurst today for lunch, I [His Hermeneuticalness] was concerned to see a suspiciously large bowl of potatoes. Fr Briggs assures me that he obtained these at a good price from Sainsburys and that he intends to eat them rather than use them in the Liturgy. I am happy to take him at his word although I wonder whether I should send over some heavies in case a couple of potatoes attempt to muscle in on his traditional Mass this evening as Deacon and Subdeacon.

Or would that be Spudeacon?

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  1. Paul Rimmer says:

    What evil hath man brought about.

    That ain’t ordinary form, that ain’t extraordinary form… that’s super-sized extraordinary form with a side of fries.

  2. Paul: that’s super-sized extraordinary form with a side of fries

    Speaking of fries… would that make for a good auto de fé?

  3. Aelric says:

    We are a potato people.

    Perhaps for the Easter (Potato) Vigil rather than inserting incense grains into a candle, the assembly can insert ears; eyes; nose and mouth into the processional puppet: the assembly celebrates its coming forth from the dead (potato in the ground) into new life (potato as our food).

    And, of course, potato bread must be recognized as valid matter in the Motu Proprio: “Starchorum Potatoficum.”

  4. Andy Lucy says:

    “… would that make for a good auto de fé?”

    With apologies to Mel Brooks…

    “Auto de fé? What’s an auto de fé?”

    “It’s what you oughtn’t to do, but you do any way.”

  5. GemmaRose says:

    And to think that I used to feel that teddy bear figurine Nativity sets were sacriligious!!

  6. TJM says:

    Father Z, I guess the only “silver lining” here, so to speak, is the silver hair of the folks in the picture. They are clearly the last vestiges of the 60s crowd. Don’t you find it interesting whenever you see large numbers of younger Catholics present at a Mass, it’s generally a photo of a TLM or reverently celebrated Novus Ordo? The young, as a whole, don’t want any part of the antics perpetrated by the folks with arrested liturgical development, amply on display in this photo. They are to be pitied. It’s like being stuck on Pepsi Cola instead of moving on as you mature to a fine Chambertin. Tom

  7. Ann says:


    In keeping with what you have said about young people, I would like to submit a link to an article you and others might find interesting and would probably agree with. My daughter found it while looking for something to support her own view and efforts to avoid having to participate in the dumbed down events that are offered for youth. It is written by a young Catholic who shares his view of what kind of liturgy “satisfies” young people, and it isn’t the happy-clappy version many adults assume they need.


    And yes, Fr. Z. you are right — just when we think the pain we are feeling inside over the liturgical problems is really bad, something else happens that is worse and the wound just re-opens over and over again. People become desensitized over time, in everything of the world, it’s just the human condition. That’s why we need the Church to be constant, consistent, universal, steady, and any other comforting word we can think of! I don’t want to be desensitized, numb, just letting it all go because it could always be worse. I don’t want a side of fries! i want the real meat and bones.

  8. Kevin Quinn says:

    Notice how most of the people in this photo are elderly (55+), and also mostly female….

    That’s the make-up of most of “Call to Action” people….55-65 and older, and a very great percentage being female (dissenting femminists, including radical nuns). Bizarre liturgical abuses are all part of their ideology.
    Also a lot of “Call to Action” people either are (or are supportive of) homosexuals and the concent of gay and lesbian “marriage”.

  9. elizabeth mckernan says:

    Please Kevin – 55 is NOT elderly!!

  10. michigancatholic says:

    What Kevin says is true, to a point. Most laypeople, particularly of this age group and particularly females, haven’t gotten much education as catholics. So they think faith is a matter of emotion–specifically the “be nice” and “don’t show your feelings” kind.

    But of course, if you challenge that by saying something truthful or historical in nature, you’re being “mean” and they’ll level both barrels at you. So much for that.

    Been on the receiving end of that a few times…not good.

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