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News from my e-mail:

I thought your readers out west might like to know that since last December a Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form has been offered monthly by Father Gerard G. Steckler, SJ, pastor of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Waldport, Oregon, in the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon. 

Their next Tridentine Low Mass will be Monday, May 26 at 8:00 am (Memorial Day).  St. Anthony’s is at 685 Broadway in a tiny town on the central coast of Oregon located at the crossroads of highways 101 and 34.  (Due to summer, the next Mass after May will be in August.)

Visitors should not expect an FSSP-style extravaganza such as seen on EWTN.  This is a small parish with fewer than 100 families, although the Extraordinary Form Mass has a consistent attendance of about 30 people.  It’s a simple Low Mass with no music and one server.  However, it is done beautifully and correctly.  Father Steckler was ordained over 50 years ago and, although he’s a Jesuit, has forgotten neither his rubrics nor his Latin.

Excellent.  Summorum Pontificum is indeed starting to produce its effects.

Brick by small brick.

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  1. “…and,although he’s a Jesuit, has forgotten neither his rubrics nor his Latin.” ROFL!!!

  2. …and, although he’s a Jesuit, has forgotten neither his rubrics nor his Latin.

    Some of us remember a time when a more natural comment might have been

    …and, being a Jesuit, he has forgotten neither his rubrics nor his Latin.

  3. Sam Schmitt says:

    I knew Fr. Steckler as a chaplain at Thomas Aquinas College back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, where he said the Novus Ordo in Latin every day. A wonderful priest and Jesuit of the “old school” in the best sense of the term.

  4. On the topic of Portland OR traditional Masses, it might
    interest that on Sunday, August 10, at Holy Rosary Church
    in the Convention district, the 11 a.m. Mass will be a
    Solemn Mass according to the old Dominican Rite. More
    news will appear as the date approaches on NLM and the
    Dominican Liturgy blog (linked after my name).

  5. James says:

    Looks like a good old-fashioned Catholic parish (adoration, litanies, May crowning, etc), are they in a time warp in Oregon?


  6. Tom says:

    Does the parish intend to move away from reductionist liturgy — Low Mass — to the ideal form of liturgy that Josef Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) called for?

    As our future Pope said of Low Mass…

    “I have great respect for our forefathers who at Low Mass said the “Prayers during Mass” contained in their prayer books, but certainly one cannot consider that as the ideal of liturgical celebration.

    “Perhaps these reductionist forms of celebration are the real reason that the disappearance of the old liturgical books was of no importance in many countries and caused no sorrow. One was never in contact with the liturgy itself.”

  7. Carolina Geo says:

    Speaking of Holy Rosary, that was my first exposure to a traditional Mass, celebrated in the Dominican rite. I happened upon it quite accidentally one first Saturday morning about ten years ago. Until then, I didn’t even know that there *was* such a thing as a traditional Mass. Boy, were my eyes opened that morning!

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