Some interesting ideas for your evening viewing

This is in from Space Weather:

ETA AQUARID METEOR SHOWER:  If you see a meteor flit across the sky tonight, it could be a piece of Halley’s Comet. Earth is crossing a stream of dusty debris from Halley and this is causing the annual eta Aquarid meteor shower. Sky watchers in the tropics and southern hemisphere (where the shower is most intense) could see as many as 70 meteors per hour during the dark hours before dawn on Monday, May 5th, and Tuesday, May 6th.  The show is diminished at northern latitudes where rates may be 15 meteors per hour or less. 

MERCURY AND THE MOON:  Innermost planet Mercury is emerging from the glare of the sun and putting on its best show of the year.  A good time to look is Tuesday evening, May 6th, just after sunset when the crescent Moon glides by Mercury in the darkening western sky. A sky map and photos are available at


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    You can also check for sightings of the International Space Station (ISS) at this website.

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