Takin’ it to the street

Take this onto the streets!

At least that is what one priest is doing.

I got this from a reader:

You have mentioned my pastor, Rev. Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP, a couple of times on WDTPRS: here and here.  Fr. Saguto was showing off a gift from a fellow parishioner this Sunday, and I thought you might appreciate a candid or two.  Thank you for all that you do, Reverend, for the faithful and the faith.  You’re in my prayers always.

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  1. Jeff Pinyan says:

    I’d get a vanity plate that read “STL STW”, or “DTB STR” if I thought anyone would understand.

  2. Jeff Pinyan says:

    Um, I meant “STB DTR” of course!

  3. Jeremy says:


  4. great to see, this message needs to be getting out.

  5. william says:

    Fr. Saguto is a very Holy Priest and what he has done at St. Philomena & Cecilia’s in the last 2 years is just amazing. It’s great to know that this Friday we will have 4 new Priest from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.

    Laudetur Jesus Christus

  6. Causus Omnium Danorum says:

    Go Father Saguto!

    A great man and an even better priest.
    May God grant him length of days!

    Greetings and Best Wishes from RI

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