Thanks to WDTPRSers, Penjing Report, and Sabine Blooms

Many thanks to those of you who wished me well for my anniversary of ordination (26 May) posted in comments and sent by e-mail.  A couple of you used the donation button, for which I am grateful, and and one of you utilized the amazon wish list.

Thanks go out to CG for Eamon Duffy’s The Voices of Morebath: Reformation and Rebellion in an English Village which I have heard a lot about.  This was waiting patiently at my doorstep on my return to the Sabine Farm.


Penjing, which I received from a reader some time ago, is happily flowering.

Meanwhile, other things are flowering around the Sabine Farm.  I have never seen so many dandylions.

But the crabs are doing their thing and the front yard is obviously without dandylions.


The morning view. 


Near the chapel, the chapel apple is blooming.


Back at the house, Mrs. Oriole is looking in my window at my desk while I work. 

This is through the window.  The orioles, once elusive, are trying to get at the hummingbird feeder.



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  1. These are my favorites posts. I will send you a donation because of them.

  2. In that case I will post them more often!


  3. Jason in San Antonio says:

    I don’t think I properly understood the impulse to inhabit your region of the map until this series of posts. Absolutely beautiful countryside. I think I could almost convince my wife of it.

  4. Crusader says:

    Late happy anniversary Father. In other news, found the Call to Action puppet show.

  5. RBrown says:

    I think you have it backwards. During the winter I need to see pictures of bird and everything in bloom. When it heats up during the summer, then pictures of the snow covered Sabine Farm are consoling.

  6. John P. says:

    Absolutely beautiful, Father. I’m sure it must be absolutely lovely there! And also, just wanted to wish you a (very late) happy anniversary!

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